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What Is Mangal Dosha?

December 13, 2017

Manglik dosha is determined at the birth of the child. It appears on the birth chart according to the position of the planets. Many people around the world have the presence of Manglik dosha in their birth chart. It is considered from the position of the Moon and the Lagna, while the moon chart mangal is present in the Tenth house. Apparently the Mangal Dosha is neither present in the Moon Chart nor in the Lagna Chart. However, in the lagan chart it is placed in the Eleventh Chart and is therefore considered to create hurdles in the married life of a person. There are many people who have mangalik dosha in their kundli and this can be calculated by the Manglik calculator.

Characteristics of Mangal Dosha

The people with the Mangal Dosha are known to have following characteristics:
1.Both males and females may have Mangal Dosha in their kundli
2.People with mangal dosha are said to be short tempered as Mars symbolizes fiery aggression that makes the person with this dosha very aggressive
3.The mangalik people are known to have very fiery energy which should be channelized properly in order to avoid any kind of destruction
4.Manglik people generally have delayed marriages

Effect on the Marriage

The Manglik dosha is known to have severe effect on the married life of a person, there are various negative ways in which this dosha can affect the married life of a person.
1.Manglik Dosha can cause serious tension among the couple
2.If the marriage takes place between the Mangaliks then the negative effects can be nullified

Position of Mars and Problems

Mars is known to cause serious problems as per its position and some of the problems are as follows:
First House-Presence of Mars in this house leads to constant conflict in the married life.
Second House-When in the second house it may cause trouble in the personal and professional life.
Fourth House-The presence in this house restrains the person from making any achievements in the professional front.
Seventh House-The presence in this house makes a person ill-tempered.
Eighth House-When the mars is present in this house it alienates a person from the elders of the family and may also lose the parental property
Tenth House-This may give lot of enemies and a person may get surrounded with worries all the time as the financial situation also starts to deteriorate.

Manglik dosha is thus considered to be one of the strongest dosha in the kundli. According to the traditional belief system it is assumed that the person gets the Manglikdosha in the present birth only if he or she had troubled their parents in the previous life. But there are remedies for nullifying this dosha and if it is done at appropriate time then it will have good impact on the personal as well as the professional life of a person.


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