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Wedding Jewellery on Rent – A New Trend

October 27, 2017

Weddings are costly affairs. One of the most vital expenses of the weddings is jewellery. Ornaments that adorn the beautiful bride on the wedding day are generally made of precious gemstones and expensive metals like gold and silver. Definitely, it is a huge investment, but weddings are incomplete without it. The design of the jewellery should match with the dresses and other accessories. While there are some brides who prefer the traditional designs, there are others who like the contemporary designs.

With the prices of gold, diamonds, and other precious items increasing day by day, people are finding it difficult to afford heavy jewellery and desirable designs. Thus, the trend of renting wedding jewellery came into being. You can take all that you want to wear on your wedding day on rent and return it once the event is over. Let’s check…/vc_column_text]vc_empty_space height=”25x”]dt_vc_list]

Worn on rare occasions :

Wedding jewellery is generally heavy and extravagant. There is hardly any other occasion ever in the life of the bride when she will get a chance to wear those. Some wear a few of the jewellery pieces in their baby shower event, while others on family weddings. But these are rare occasions for which spending so much money does not seem to be a feasible idea. You have the option to take jewellery on rent at even less than half the price of buying the original jewellery. So, why spend so much?

Wedding ornaments are expensive :

If your budget does not permit buying expensive wedding jewellery, you can still look all bejewelled by renting the jewellery of your choice. Match your jewellery with your wedding attirewithout burning a hole in your pocket.

Multiple occasions, same jewellery :

Generally, weddings are not single day events. There are days of functions before and after the actual ceremony day. On all these days a new bride is expected to look her best. By renting different jewellery for each day you can flaunt a different look every day and look special.

Owing to all these advantages the brides and even their parents these days prefer to rent ornaments. There are many jewellery shops that rent jewellery. You should look for such a rental shop to rent jewellery from. However, before you rent jewellery, there are certain important things that you must know

The places or rental shops that offer jewellery on rent have particulars about using the jewellery.
They will expect the ornaments to be returned to them in the perfect condition otherwise, you will be liable to penalties.
 The wedding jewellery needs to be returned at the exact date and time promised.
 You may be too busy to go for returning the ornaments once the event is over. So, have someone to do it on your behalf.
 Choose a renting venue close to your place so that getting and returning the ornaments are not much of a hassle.

So, you can see that there are a lot of advantages of renting ornaments for weddings. This is probably the reason why renting jewellery has become so popular a trend these days. Are you giving second thoughts to buying jewellery for your wedding?

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