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Wedding Accessories For A Groom

December 7, 2017
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Indian weddings are grand affairs with much pomp and glamour. During the wedding day, it is not only the well-decked bride who is the center of attention, but also the groom who needs to match the bride in splendour and grace. Even though the bride has much more diverse options to enhance her look for the wedding as compared to the groom, there are many traditional as well as stylish Groom Accessories which can be used by the groom to give a more glamorous touch to his overall look for the wedding.
The following options for Groom Accessories can be selected by prospective grooms to make their wedding attires all the more memorable.


Dupatta is the Hindi name for a long scarf. The dupattas available for grooms usually have tassels at the end and look perfect with a sherwani, a traditional outfit worn by grooms. The scarf can be worn in two styles such as on the shoulder with the scarf draping around the waist and wrapping on the other hand or simply wrapped around the neck. The choice of dupatta can be made according to the color and style of the bride’s wedding attire to make the pair look perfectly matched.


Turban or Pagri is the most essential among various Groom Accessories when it comes to traditional Indian marriage ceremonies. Red colored pagris have become popular among grooms in the recent years although the color of the turban should go perfectly with the color of the attire such as the same color or a contrasting color. Turbans are available in various styles such as self-woven brocades, tie-dyes, etc.


A brooch is an important piece of wedding jewelry for grooms especially those who wear an ethnic outfit for the wedding such as sherwani. Brooches can be made of pearls or metals with semi-precious stones. The kind of brooch to be selected depends upon the color of the sherwani or any other attire. Brooches are also available for turbans in a plethora of styles such as feathered brooches for turbans.

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The large blooms can add a lot of beauty as center stem wedding centerpieces. You can make use of radiant colors for this purpose.


Groom Accessories also includes necklaces such as pearl necklaces in a layered pattern with pendants or single string pearl necklaces with a semi-precious stone pendant. Gold chain with a pendant featuring diamond or gold is another attractive option of groom’s necklace. Necklaces made of colored beads are also preferred by many people. A necklace is a perfect blend of style and tradition which makes it an excellent choice for grooms.Jutti or mojari are traditional shoes worn with sherwani or kurta-pajama. The shoes are important accessories for grooms and these traditional pieces of footwear are top favorites among grooms. The type of juti or mojari to be opted for is dependent upon the attire. In case of formal weddings, black or brown formal shoes are the best options.


A visually appealing pair of cufflinks such as metal cufflinks in various shades of color enhances the beauty of the attire regardless of whether it is a sherwani or a formal suit.

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