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Various Types of Personalised Wedding Gifts For Newlyweds

December 27, 2017

During wedding ceremonies, the newlyweds receive numerous gifts. These gifts are usually just unwrapped and categorised further. Often the gifts go unnoticed in a huge pile. While it is easy to find a good regular wedding gift in a shop or online, that is not something which will grab any one’s attention. Making a slight effort to buy a gift for someone’s wedding is always noticed and appreciated. One doesn’t even need to spend a lot for the same.It is amazing how you can make minute changes to a gift that simply converts into a special Personalised Wedding Gift.These are not only beautiful to look at but also brings a lot of sentimental value to the couple.

Let’s check out some of the different types of Personalized Wedding gifts for the newlyweds.

Memory keepsake box

These are a perfect Personalized Wedding gift for newlyweds to save memories of their wedding. Customised with the last names of the couple, this adds extra love to the regular keepsake boxes and are always a treasure to look at.

Ceramic Vases

Newlyweds often move to a new house after their wedding, which means they require a lot of stuff to decorate their house with. These customised ceramic vases are a unique way to express love by personalising them. This wedding gift will look beautiful in the living room (actually, they will look good irrespective of where they are placed).

Wedding champagne flutes

Customise the regular champagne flutes with the name of Bride and Groom. Another kind is the rose gold champagne flutes where the names are customised with rose gold foil. These require more care than the plain ones but are beautiful nonetheless.

Frame heart map

For a couple, their first home together holds a lot of meaning. A custom map of their house with the names of the couple and their wedding date can be framed in wood to give it a sophisticated look.

Custom travel push pin globe

If you are looking for a gift for a couple who loves to travel, then this is probably the perfect Personalized Wedding gift that you could give them. One may customise the globe in the name of the couple, and their wedding date. They can pin their travel destinations on the globe as and when they check the same on their list.

Wooden monogram initial clock

Clock is a very common gift, even though useful. To make it a Personalized Wedding gift different than the regular clocks, they may be customised with any monogram, the family name, or the name of couple and wedding date.

Party with the Pastel Colors

Make a perfect choice for the soft and classy colors; the green fillers can be used to add extra beauty to the centerpiece.

Milestone wine label set

If the newlyweds are wine lovers and you know their taste in wine well, then this could be a perfect personalised wedding gift. These personalised labels are a fun gift for celebrating life’s big milestones. The labels may include moments like First Christmas, First Anniversary, First Baby, etc., and will ensure that the one who gives such a gift is remembered every time this couple celebrates a big milestone of their life.

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