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Unique Wedding Favours To Impress Your Guests

November 28, 2017
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A wedding is a beautiful start to a couple’s life which gets even more gratified due to the presence of the guests. The blessings, well wishes, and support of the guests add more glory to the weddings. You can thank your guests while choosing the best wedding favours them!If you want to show all your love and thankfulness to the guests by surprising them with the best wedding favours, you are at the right place!
Here are some of the finest wedding favor ideas which will surprise your guests!

Homemade soaps

Here is a unique idea which you can give a shot! Make DIY soaps using some of the finest essential oils and wrap these tiny soaps with glittery fabric and a pretty ribbon. Place in a cute little basket and place a thank you note for attending the wedding!

Custom made champagne bottles

Get some cute small champagne bottles. Fill in with some cocktails or champagne and coat it with silver spray. Now top them with some beautiful glittery ribbons and a gift tag

Mixed song cd’s

If you are a diehard romantic couple and want your guests to listen to all your favorite romantic tracks, make a CD with all your favorite romantic songs! Wrap the CD with designer cases and add a beautiful touch by tying it with ribbons!

Personalized coffee mugs

If you know your guests are coffee addicts, get some stylishly personalized coffee mugs for them. You can add your signature marks, beautiful quotes, thank you notes or designs as per your wedding theme on the mugs and tie the mugs with a ribbon for a rich look

Pretty cool popcorn jars

The personalized and exciting popcorn jars are worth gifting! Fill midsized glass jars with popcorns and tie the jar with a cool thank you note! You can also add some ribbons and decorative elements to make it catchier! Your guests would surely love to make these pop-corns

Custom made mini pizza cutter

This is a very exciting favor which you can gift your guests. You can quote love, romance, thank you note and the things you want on the pizza cutter! Wrap these cutters in cute colored papers, tie the ribbons and here is a perfect wedding favor ready

Set of small candle holders

Nowadays, every event and celebration decor includes candles. You can surprise your wedding guests by gifting them personalized and unique candle holders! Choose the best designs, wrap the holders in a unique way and place a thank you note! This is such a romantic gift

Personalised perfume bottles

How would the small perfume bottles look when given as favors? This is an absolutely cool idea. You can make your own DIY perfume using essential oils and fragrances. Fill different colored perfume bottles, tie a glittery lace and place a thank you note

Amazing leather luggage tags

If you love giving away personalized gifts, choose the stunning leather luggage tags which your guests would simply love

Cool sunshades

Spectacles and sunshades are the best possible gift everyone would love! You can choose colorful framed sunshades, floral framed sunshades, and such unique ideas to give away to your guests

These are the most interesting and exciting wedding favours which will save a lot of money and make your guests smile

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