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Understanding Mangaldosh

November 14, 2017

If a male/female is under the negative impact of the planet Mars, he/she is said to be a Manglik. There are twelve houses in a man’s horoscope. If Mars comes in the first, second, fourth, seventh, eighth, or twelfth place of the ascendant natal chart, the individual concerned is said to have mangal dosha. It is referred by different names, for example, Bhom Dosha, Kuja Dosha and Angaraaka Dosha.

Mangal dosha has a more prominent criticalness with regards to marriage since it is a most crucial parameter to be considered at the time of horoscope matching. Horoscope must be checked for Mangal Dosha, and compatibility must be guaranteed before concluding the marriage. Hence, on the off chance that one wishes to lead a fruitful marital life, position of Mars in the horoscope should be analyzed completely.

Traits of Mangal Dosh
• Any of the two genders can include mangal dosha
• Mars is the planet of antagonism symbolizing self-discipline and certainty, so Mangaliks are forceful and hot-tempered by nature.
• Negatively, it implies narrow-mindedness, rivalry, disagreement, conflict, domain lastly calamity.
• Fiery Mangaliks have lots of vitality inside. This dynamic energy should be helpfully channelized; or else it winds up being dangerous.
• Mangal dosha influences mental life and causes pressure and dissent in marriage.
• It causes postponement in marriage
• In a few cases, Mangaliks are misled into marriage
• The impacts of mangal dosha are invalidated if the individual is born on Tuesday
• Marriage between two Mangaliks likewise invalidates the evil effects
• It is trusted that the individuals who had severely treated their parents in the past birth will have this dosha
The evil impacts of Mangal Dosha
• When Mars is in the first house, clashes and viciousness in marriage are anticipated
• When Mars is in the second house, it influences the individual’s family causing inconvenience in marriage and profession.
• When Mars is placed in the fourth house, the individual is not able to get succeed on the professional front hence results in switching occupations
• When Mars is in the seventh house, the abundant vitality inside makes the individual short-tempered. Association with relatives is practically impossible on account of the dominating nature.
• When Mars is in the eighth house, being apart from elders, the individual loses the fatherly property.
• When Mars is located in the tenth house, the individual experiences mental issue and acquires money related misfortunes other than having enemies.
Mangal Dosha: Remedies to beat the evil impacts.
A man is said to have mangal dosha if Mars comes in the first, second, fourth, seventh, eighth, or twelfth place of his/her horoscope diagram. This condition is acceptable to have a contrary impact on the individual’s marital life causing disharmony and pressure in marriage, which thus brings about irritation and separation.

Doubtlessly there are approaches to counter the evil impacts of mangal dosha :
1. Marriage between two Manglik
If both the accomplices are Manglik, the pessimism is normally defused.
2. Kumbh Vivah
The Manglik first weds a banana tree, Peepal tree or a silver/gold icon of Lord Vishnu. Presently the negative impact is invalidated, and the Manglik can get married with no stress over mangal Dhosha.
3. Fasting
Fasting on Tuesday is thought to be an exceptionally compelling cure. While fasting, Mangaliks are just expected to eat Toor daal.
4. Chanting Mantras
Droning Navgraha Mantra or Hanuman Chalisa on Tuesdays can create good outcomes. Droning Gayatri manta 108 times each day is likewise viable.
5. Performing poojas in temples
Going to Navagraha temples mitigates the adverse effects caused by mangal dosha.
6. Offerings
Certain things like sword and knife are offered to appease Mars.
7. Gemstones
Stargazers encourage Manglik to wear a gold ring with a red coral on the ring finger of the right hand.
8. Marriage after 28
A Manglik is suggested to get married after the age of 28 because the power of the dosha is lessened with age.

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