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The Tribal Melodies of Himachali Marriage

November 15, 2017
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Indian weddingsare full of wonderful rituals and practices. Marriages leave memories that last forever. Himachal has its own set of customs which have to be followed. Here we present you with a guide which will help you understand Himachali weddings better.

Haldi ceremony :

Haldi is an important part of Indian weddings. In Himachali weddings, haldi ceremony has great significance. In this, haldi paste is applied on both bride and the groom by their respective family members in their homes. It is believed that it not only adds to the glow of the to-be-married couple but also purifies them.

Mama Swagat :

Maternal uncle has a very important part to play in wedding rituals. Through this ceremony, the maternal uncle of the shows his support to the family. This ceremony is conducted in both the bride’s and groom’s house.Mama is called so that he can be present to shower his blessings on the couple. He brings along with him gifts like cash, jewelry etc along with the dresses for the bride. He also presents a chunri that the bride keeps with herself for the lifetime.

SehraBandi :

After the traditional bathing on the day of the wedding, this ceremony is carried out in the presence of the maternal uncle. Then, in accordance with the Himanchali traditions, the groom departs to the wedding venue in a decorated palki.

Lagans :

The baraat on the Himachali wedding day reaches the wedding venue where the ceremony has to take place.

Saptapadi :

A knot is tied before the wedding ritualscommence which represents the bond which will go on forever. The dupatta of the bride is tied to the cloth of the groom.After this, they get ready to take the seven sacred vows which bind them for their entire lifetime and beyond. The vows are taken in the presence of a priest who reads out holy shlokas while the couple takes the round of the fire.

Kanyadaan :

It is one of the most vital rituals performed in a Himachali wedding. The father gives away her daughter in this. The groom is considered an incarnation of Lord Vishu, while the bride is considered as an avatar of Goddess Laxmi. This shows the religious importance involved in this ritual.

Vidaai :

Finally, the bride bids farewell to her family and goes to the groom’s home. Now her husband’s house becomes her new home and she accepts them as a family. This ceremony is quite an emotional affair and is hard to watch even for a non-family member

Reception ceremony :

The groom’s side throws a party welcoming the new member to the family. All close friends and relatives of the groom’s take part in this, important members of the bride’s family also attend this ceremony.

Weddings are a major affair in India and they take place in a course of several days. Himachali marriage brings forth a unique blend of customs with modernization.Himachali marriage is unique in their own ways and it is always fun to be a part of it. Hope is guided to a Himachali marriage will definitely help you and give you an idea of what rituals are followed in this part of India.

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