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Top 30 Bridal Hairstyle Ideas To Glam Up Your Look

November 10, 2017

With the wedding season around the corner, it’s that time of the year when a new batch of brides prepares for the most memorable event of their lives. With a growing demand for pre-wedding photo shoots and increasing pressure to outdo fellow brides, what does a bride do to stand out while adhering to traditions?

Apart from the wedding joda and makeup, the most important aspect of the wedding get-up is the hairstyle, which can make all the difference and create that beautiful moment for posterity. Here is a list of the top 30 bridal hairstyles to sport for the wow factor.

Puffed Up Sanskari Bun –

There is beauty in tradition, and a bride who prefers a classic look can opt for this style. The puff gives an edge to the traditional look. If you’re in doubt, look at Deepika Padukone for inspiration!

Sleek Middle Parting With Hair Loose – 

Often associated with a vanilla look, the middle parting with straight hair falling loose at the back made a comeback, courtesy Sonam Kapoor. Works best for brides with high cheekbones, try this look for your sangeet!

Bumped-Up Curls –

Curly hair has an undeniable beauty associated with it, which can easily be enhanced by inserting a bumpit at the crown of the head. Just ask Divyanka Triipathi, who took the internet by storm with her wedding pictures.

Twisted Side Bun –

Elegance is timeless, and so is this understated look. Any bride sporting this hairdo will stand out, and its simplicity direct attention to her dress.

Romantic Side Braid –

Think Elsa, and let it go! This look is a winner with its delicate feminity. Spruce it up with little flowers, glitter or just let it be, it’s hard to go wrong with this one.

Poola Jada –

Spot any South Indian bride to confirm that this hairdo will ensure that you look like the queen that you are on your big day! The only downside to this magnificent hairdo is its weight.

Princes’s Braid –

The name itself is descriptive enough for this one! If you have streaks, this is your go-to hairdo.

French Bun –

Perfect for the no-fuss bride, this hairdo is all sorts of classy, and all it takes is good hairspray to hold in place!

Side Swept Curls –

Look serene in simplicity with this beautiful look. Want your jewelry and outfit to grab eyeballs? This is your look.

High Top Bun –

For the bride that likes attention, for the bride who likes a little drama in the getup, the high top bun, this is a top pick among Indian brides, and creates a very graceful look.

Windswept Hair –

Even safe styles can be glamorous, and this hairdo proves just that. Ideal for the bride that doesn’t want to experiment on her big day, all these needs is a blow dryer, and you’re as attractive as you are Adarsh!

Fishtail Braid –

The contemporary bride who likes to fuse cultures and be herself will love this look. It’s the perfect combination of trendy and traditional! Sport this, and you’re a stunner!

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