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Top 20 Mehendi Designs

December 1, 2017

The one thing that is considered auspicious in almost every religion in India is Mehendi. Mehendi is body art – a method of temporarily decorating hands and feet with beautiful designs. Applying Mehendi or henna is an important process in Indian weddings. Traditionally, Mehendi was about crushing the leaves of the mignonette tree and applying it to hands in simple designs. But over time, this art form has taken many shades and now has become not just a ceremonial mandate, but a fashion must that involves drawing of complex and intricate designs. The ceremony these days is celebrated with all grandeur and as per the tradition, the darker the color, the deeper is the love of the spouse. With so much importance and emotion attached to the Mehendi ceremony, many Mehendi professionals have forayed into the market, making it a lucrative profession.

The two major types of designs are Punjabi and Arabic. Punjabidesigns are small and intricate, with not much white space, while Arabic designs are big and bold. While you can hire a professional Mehendi artist for your wedding.

Here’s a list of the top 20 mehendi designs that will make the bride’s hands and feet resplendent.

1.The paisley Mehendi design is a traditional Indian motif. It is an intricate pattern that can be extended up to the elbows.

2.The peacock motif is another traditional Indian design. Matching mirror-image peacocks on the hands make for a beautiful bridal Mehendi design.

3.An intricate Punjabi Mehendi design. Notice the symmetrical patterns on the hands, almost like mirror images.

4.A bold and beautiful Arabic floral design. While it has quite some white space, notice how elegantly it fills the hand.

5.This is a full-hand intricate checks pattern that is very popular with brides.

6.Circular motifs are great options as they are aesthetically pleasing. A neat, decorative circle can add great charm to a bride’s hands.

7.The bride and groom Mehendi design symbolize the love bond that the new couple will share.

8.The hearts designs never go out of fashion. This is not surprising, considering marriages are all about love.

9.Loops and spirals have a minimalistic feel but the semi-circular nature of the design makes it extremely elegant.

10.Bling is a relatively new trend. Whatever the design you opt for, decorate it with small crystals for a unique look.

11.Mehendi on hands and feet, incorporating Indian motifs.

12.An intricate full bridal Mehendi design, featuring Indian motifs like peacocks, elephants, paisley, bride and groom and Lord Ganesh. The result is simply stunning!

13.A unique blend of Arabic and Indian Mehendi designs.

14.The Indian floral Mehendi design stands out in stark contrast to the Arabic one mentioned earlier. Look at the intricacy involved here!

15.The mandala is very auspicious sign in Hindu tradition. Incorporating this into your Mehendi design adds a lot of positivity.

16.This semi-paisley, semi-circle Mehendi design is so unique that no one will be able to take their eyes off your hands!

17.Bored of all the symmetrical patterns? Want to try something edgier? Then this asymmetric pattern is for you!

18.This intricate Mehendi design mimics the look of bangles and cuffs on your arms!

19.Not a fan of bold designs? If you are looking for something more delicate, here’s a great idea! This Mehendi design uses lacework as a soft, feminine feel.

20.Want to pull out all the stops? Get your Mehendi designer to draw your man’sand your portraits on your hands like in the design here!

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