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Top 12 Myths About Arranged Marriages

September 5, 2017

Life after marriage is a fairy tale; is the greatest myth.  It’s an unlatching task to get married these days. The girls have become so choosy in life that it’s easy to crack a Civils exam rather than meeting their expectations. Love marriages are the best option but it may not be successful in many cases, hence the left out option for people like me is to keep moving with the wave of arranged marriage system.

Myths about Arranged Marriages

Excitement levels are not so great: I cannot deny completely to this, but in my case enjoyed it to the best. It is because everything and every person is new to me and they also feel the same way.

Happy couples do not conflict: Being happy and having an argument are two different concepts and they do not have any connection. For that matter, there is no single day I and my wife didn’t argue.

Strong support system from both families: No one in today’s lifestyle and hectic schedules has time to support others.

Knowing about guy/girl or in other words, verifying the status will never make the guy/girl, genuine.

Freedom lost: I would say no because in my case my wife never had any issues with me going around with friends and having a good time. I do agree at times when she has a contradicting plan for that as any other husband I too must follow her words and path

Guy’s family is girl’s family too: This is a very strong myth, no girl these days have so much of open broad mind to accept that way until she wants to and same.

Spouse should support husband in all scenarios: This has mixed opinions, in my case, it’s been a fact, but well, but is not compulsory to do so

Complete family: The chain of activities in arranged marriage should be followed is what the elders feel. It starts with marriage and ends with 1 or 2 kids. The couple will be under tremendous pressure from relatives to complete the chain, well again a myth, because I still didn’t fall into that trap.

Guys change after marriage: Traditional families who push into arranged marriage relation always have this myth that guy changes after marriage. This is not a surgery for the guy to change after getting married.

Marriage two people story: I would say a big no for this. This is a clear myth. There are so many lives directly or indirectly dependent on them so more than two is my answer.

And they lived happily so after: Come on guys this is not a movie story that people live happy after marriage; such myths can lead to unnecessary disappointment for people who are getting married.

Divorces are more in arranged marriages: Certainly not friends, this all depends on the chemistry between both. I had so many friends who got divorced after getting married to the person they loved and contrasting to the same there are friends who are living together with family despite arranged marriages.

The relationship, commitment, and understanding must be strong for any relationship. I am a happy arranged marriage man who would always laugh at the myths people speak.

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