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Top 10 Ideas for Sangeet Ceremony

November 15, 2017

Sangeet is the best part of any wedding ceremony. Initially, it was an all-ladies ceremony, but now the trends are changing. Earlier women used to sing wedding folk songs, dance and tease the bride for her wedding and post-wedding life. Sangeet ceremony is attended by all the members of the family. It includes lots of laughter, dance and music performance, fun games and what not. A lot of times the  bride and the groom together, celebrate their Sangeet ceremony.

Decoration :

The decoration is the best part of any wedding function. Make sure to keep the decoration full of colors along with fairy lights. The background automatically becomes beautiful for pictures and the colors and lights are soft for the eyes as well.

Outfit :

The bride along with her sisters should definitely have a matching outfit. To make it better, the sisters can have outfits that are customised and embroidered according to their likes and dislikes. An outfit that has all the colors possible is the best outfit for any Sangeet ceremony.

Dance Performance :

There has to be a dance performance from the sisters to their beloved to be the bride! This adds a lot of drama to the Sangeet and the practice sessions have never failed to bring laughter. To add more of the fun element, ask your elders to join for the same!

Venue :

The venue should be decided to look at the number of people the bride’s or the groom’s family will host. A bigger venue would be required if the bride and groom are together celebrating their Sangeet. The venue should be spacious enough and should not be claustrophobic for the guests.

Choice of songs :

Songs playing the background should be the kind that is liked by all age groups. It is essential to ensure that the songs are wedding related and some of the top charts.

Proper music arrangements :

Proper music arrangements rule out the last minute embarrassment the host has to face for any technical failure. Playing music with aux is risky. Get a budget-friendly DJ or a good music player that has sound volume audible enough for the entire hall.

Short and sweet :

The more crisp and short it is, the more guests will enjoy. Sangeet ceremony should not exceed more than 2 hours. After a point, it’s all repetition and the guests start getting bored.

Jewellery :

The bride should wear minimum jewelry for Sangeet since she is supposed to dance with her relatives and friends. Floral jewellry is the best for such occasions.

Lighting :

Lighting shouldn’t be dim. It should be bright but should make the eye itchy. Dim lights make the environment dull and people don’t feel like enjoying. Good lighting has a dominant effect on the mood of the guests.

Divide your time :

Usually, the Sangeet is organized by the bride’s family. If the groom’s family is invited as well, it should be made sure that no one feels left out. The bride and the groom along with their families should divide the time judiciously.

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