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Skin Care Tips For Brides You Must Know For A Summer Wedding

December 6, 2017

Summer means a lot of sun exposure and though this can make a blissful start to your marriage life, the summer tan and blemishes are something to take immediate care of. Well, summers can be less dreadful if you take care of some skin hacks. Here are some of the skincare for a bride:

Keep it Simple

Keep your routine simple and minimal. Chemicals can destabilize the normal functioning and can degrade your skin texture. Cleansing twice a day followed by an alcohol-free toner is the best solution.Remember not to overdo it which can lead to break down of skin thereby, making the oil glands to cause its share of harm.

Avoid oily Moisturizer

Summers tend to be pretty much humid and hence applying moisturizer can have its benefit of the doubt. Clearing such perspectives, there are many oil-free moisturizers available on the market which should be incorporated into your daily skin care for bride especially during summers.

Carry skin essentials wherever you go

Shopping, making guest arrangements and what not! You will have to strike off all those to-do-list when your wedding date is close. Travelling can be grueling during this period but when treated with handy sun-safe products, your problem is sorted. The go-to products like matte sunscreen, hand cream, wet strips etc can be of great help which is undoubtedly an essential in the skincare for the bride.

Waterproof Makeup

It is an obvious mantra to invest in products which are waterproof. Right from mascara, foundation, lipstick, and sunscreen, all need to be in check. Because ladies you definitely don’t want to scare your partner off with flowy mascaras and liners.

Keep the moisture intact

It is no secret that water or any kind of fluid intake can fuel up the blood circulation lending a refreshing appeal. Drink lots of water, juice, fruits and put on the best smile for added benefits. Watermelons are the best source so start stock them up before your D day.

Say yes to bright makeup

Experiment with bright vibrant colors to show off your features and get into the right mood feeling your pretty best. Bright colors are perfect to compliment the shining sun.

Sun Protection

How can someone possibly forget sun guard during summers? For summer weddings, effective sunblock with at least SPF 15 is of utmost importance in skin care for the bride.If you skip this product due to some pre-conceived notions, there are many brands which have sunscreens specific to different skin type. Pick yours and just dab some onto your face before any other layer of cream.

Using accessories when you step out

Make a perfect choice for the soft and classy colors; the green fillers can be used to add extra beauty to the centerpiece.

Whistles and Bells

The decorative bells and whistles complimented with the vibrant colors can add extra energy and happiness to the surrounding.

These are some of the hacks that can leave your skin look flawless and blemish free. Follow the hacks and get ready to challenge the brimming sun. Remember to keep it simple and rely on home remedies like home-made packs and scrub for better results.

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