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Simplified Biblical Perspective On Christian Marriage

November 7, 2017

The ceremonial nature of marriage changes among people, but the aspects and the perspective of marriages always remain same among everyone. Christian marriages are the building block of a new relationship and are built on many intangible things like trust, honesty, mutual respect, and love. It is considered to be a bond created by God so that the partners remain in a mutual bonding, sharing their love for each other till eternity.

According to the biblical aspect, it is said that love and relationship are the central theme in the Bible that begins in Genesis and culminates into Revelation. It also depicts that it is God’s choice by which we get a spouse.

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Biblical Perspective of Marriage :

The major perspective of Christian marriage is the purposes that God has for mankind to follow. The three clear purposes are:

Reign the surface of Earth made for them :

Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it.”
The above-quoted verse clearly depicts that God wants the partners to subdue the earth. He wants them to attain a great amount of diligence in the spiritual part of life and in the physical realm; he wants them to be brave and powerful. He wants them to have their power bestowed on the earth. The married couples need to work hand in hand like that of the soldiers in armies to have a new beginning on the surface of the earth. This makes the couples reign their part of the earth and accomplish all that they want to in their life together.

Reproduce on Earth and bring up kids of God :

“Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it.”Children are considered to be a gift of God and the couples can stay on earth and reproduce. The children are gifted by God and the responsibility of the children falls into the hands of the couples. As depicted in Bible, God wants his children to reproduce on earth. That is the way the couples can stay happy for eternity and be close to God through their child.

Reflection of God :

“Let us make man in our image”
According to verse written in the Bible, all individual are built in the image of God. It is God who created man in his image, which makes it important for the couple to find a reflection of each other in themselves. The couples, therefore, have a unique capacity to get the image of God while loving each other.

Conclusion :

The verses written in the Bible make it perfectly clear that the humans are the creations of God and marriage is one of the major aspects of life to fulfill the duties of a lifetime. The Gift of God needs to be well preserved and taken care of as the God has plans for every couple to make their life the best and all humans on earth are given the resources of life to have a happy family and show love for their spouse. Living like a perfect family is all that is noted in the Bible for every Christian marriage.

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