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Simple Steps To Create A Perfect Wedding Budget

May 25, 2018

A wedding is a beautiful event, but can sometimes dig a hole in your pocket if not budgeted properly. From small to grand weddings, each wedding is an affair of at least 2 days for which, you have to plan and spend a lot! Everything from the dressings, gifts, catering, interiors and decors, party arrangements to materials needed for different ceremonies need a lot of planning!
This beautiful event can become a stressful event at times when the proper budget is not planned. If you have a certain amount fixed for expenditure, it is important to create a budget which will prevent extra expenses!

Here are some simple and easy steps to prepare an effective wedding budget!

Plan the theme or type of wedding you want

Different couples have different dreams for their wedding. Some couples want a vintage themed wedding while some wish for the royal wedding. Your budget and the theme have a very important connection. You need to choose a style and fix the budget first. Look for the expense which you will have to spend for arranging the style of wedding you want.
Also calculate the expense of extra arrangements such as a lavish reception, a dazzling party night etc!

Fix a number for your wedding budget

Until and unless you fix a number, you will keep on adding more expense to the wedding arrangements. Thus, you need to strictly calculate the number. Gather the money you have saved for the wedding, ask your parents if they can contribute in the expense if you are falling short of money.
When you get the exact amount you can spend, compare it with the expense of the dream arrangements you want. If they match, go forward!

Make a priority list

The compromises must not be done on the basic needs and priorities of the groom and bride. For this, create a priority list in which the top priorities of the groom and bride are listed. Dedicate the amount from the budget to these priorities first. Choose what’s necessary for you, the catering, the dreamy cake, the open bar arrangement, the DJ etc.

Estimate the guest list and create the budget for remaining arrangements

Once you are done with the priorities, now it’s time to look for the other arrangements. Estimate the number of guests, seating arrangements, catering arrangements and entertainment for this number of people. Also, keep one section of your money to add a personal touch to your wedding. Let it be DIY décor items, personalised gifts or anything and decide the expenses for it.

In the end, prioritize and re-estimate for last minute needs

Again check your priorities and divide the money. Consider each and every arrangement and the money needed for it. Also, keep some money in spare in case you miss anything where you don’t have to rush on the spot!
Make a list of bride’s and groom’s top 5 priorities and the money needed for those arrangements. Then arrange the amount of expense you are ready to make for keeping a fair budget!

Break down the other expenses while making a list as below:

Wedding cake and catering: 2%-3%
Wedding dresses: 8%-10%
Wedding ceremony: 3%-4%
Reception ceremony: 40%-50%
Transportation and venue: 20%- 30%
Flowers and gifts: 8%-10%
Personal touch: 3%-4%
Spare money 5%-7%

These are the easy and quick tips which you can follow to make a feasible and achievable budget for your wedding!

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