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Simple Habits For Husbands To Help Them Have A Rock-Solid Communication

September 5, 2017

One of the most important things to have a strong marriage is to have a good communication with your spouse. But in most marriages wives have a common complaint that their husbands rarely speak. Well, now this can be due to many reasons. In some cases, the person may be an introvert or it is in his nature to talk less. Whatever be the reasons you as a husband must understand that this can affect your relationship with your wife. Here are some habits which will help you have a good communication level with your spouse.

Timing matters

When you speak is very important. For example, you might want to tell your wife about one of her habits which you do not like then make sure that you speak when she is happy or in a good mood. If you happen to tell this when she is down and out all hell may break lose.

Spend quality time together

Make sure that you both spend some quality time. This could be while having dinner when you can discuss all that you did throughout the day or you may take a stroll together in the garden and talk about all that you have in your mind etc.

No gadgets for communication:

Keep in mind that when the husband and wife have to communicate, then it has to be face to face and not through gadgets. It makes no sense sending a love emoticon to your wife who is sitting next to you. It is better if you tell her about your feelings in words.

Check your body language

When you are talking to your wife your body language has to be such that your wife feels that you are paying attention to what she is talking. If you are engrossed in your laptop when she is talking then she may feel that you are just not interested.

Don’t speak when you are angry

There will be times when you will get upset with your wife. You will be angry and would like her to know the reason for the same. But in such cases it is better that you remain quiet for few hours. If you speak when you are angry, then it will only lead to arguments and fights. Instead, just wait till your head cools down and then try to explain to her why you were upset.

Always speak the truth

Whenever you communicate with your wife make sure that you always speak the truth. Yes be honest. Do not speak lies just to flatter her.

These are some easy ways towards better communication between husband and wife. It is important that you try to take the best possible measures to build a strong bridge of communication between you and your spouse. Keep in mind one of the most important aspects of companionship is communications. So leave no stone turned to communicate with your better half and have a happy married life.

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