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What Is The Significance Of Mehendi In Indian Marriages

November 6, 2017
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The Mehendi Ritual is a significant and fun-filled pre-wedding ceremony in the Northern part of India. This cultural ritual is celebrated just before the wedding day. A Mehendi expert or a family member applies Mehendi on the hands and feet of the bride on this ceremony. Other female members of the family and friends of the bride apply Mehendi as well.

This ceremony takes a significant amount of time, as a detailed Mehendi design has to be applied on the bride’s hands and feet. According to the traditions, the groom also applies a small quantity of Mehendi on his palm and feet. Apart from the immense enjoyment and fun, the Mehendi ceremony has valuable and deep-rooted significance and you will just enjoy reading each of them.

Preparation of Mehendi Paste :

Mehendi is one of the most sought-after pre-wedding celebrations and the most important part of this ceremony is a formation of Mehendi paste and its application. Mehendi paste is prepared from the dried and powdered henna leaves. The particular leaves dried in sun and then ground and sieved in order to have a mossy green powder. It is then amalgamated with water, lemon juice, and drops of eucalyptus oil. The mixture yields a smooth paste that is soaked for all over the night and then poured inside the plastic cones. For an easier and convenient Mehendi application, smaller ones are better than the larger ones.

The significance of Mehendi Ceremony :

  • A Traditional Ritual Applying Mehendi before the wedding day is one of the ancient Indian traditions. An elaborate design of Mehendi is applied on the bride’s hands as well as feet, and a small token of henna is applied to the groom’s hands. This Mehendi application is a good practice and a prosperous mark for the upcoming conjugal life.
  • A Lifelong Promise Mehendi signifies a stronger bond of marriage, a promise that both of the partners follow throughout their lives religiously. The Mehendi ceremony considered as a ‘Shagun’ that implies deep love between the life partners and their respective families.
  • The Colour of Mehendi A popular belief is if the Mehendi colour turns deep and bright on the bride’s hand, then the love will be deeper for her from her husband’s side. The colour of the henna also implies the understanding and love between the bride and her mother-in-law. The longer life of Mehendi colour is believed to be more auspicious and favourable for the would-be couple.
  • A Medicinal Property Mehendi is popular for its medicinal properties as well. This ancient herb is advantageous for the nail growth. It imparts a cooling effect for soothing headaches, stress, and fever. Therefore, Mehendi is applied to provide a relief to the bride and the groom from all the wedding stress. It is said to protect them from any type of viral diseases as well.
    Another important part is Mehendi designs. The would-be-bride can select her Mehendi design by taking help from friends and family. On the whole, the Mehendi ceremony remains the most important ritual of any marriage ceremony.

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