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Significance Of Haldi Ceremony In Hindu Marriages

November 6, 2017
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Indian wedding means a good number of rituals, music, dance, and overall a big celebration. The Haldi ceremony is an integral part of most of the Hindu weddings. It is a pre-wedding ritual observed a few days before the actual wedding ceremony. This auspicious ceremony is observed at both of the bride and groom’s place (in their respective houses).

The Haldi ceremony is all about the application of turmeric or haldi. ‘Haldi’ has a prominent significance in Indian rituals because it provides numerous health benefits. It has remarkable religious importance as well.

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During the Haldi Ceremony

The bright yellow-colored ‘haldi paste’ is the central part of the haldi ceremony. This paste is prepared with turmeric, sandalwood powder as well as rose water to get a fragrant and wonderful mixture.
Elderly women of the family apply this auspicious paste on the face, arms, hands, legs, and feet of the bride and the groom and give blessings for their conjugal life. The Haldi ceremony is incomplete without lots of fun, music, and delicious foods.

Significance of Haldi Ceremony

To Beat off Evils :

The bride and the groom are the centers of attraction of the overall wedding ceremony. Therefore, some evil or jealous eye can try to harm them. As per the religious belief, haldi is able to defeat the evil eye.
Haldi is applied to the groom and bride so that no evil sight can harm them prior to their big day of life. That is why the groom and the bride are prohibited from going outside after the completion of Haldi ceremony. They can only go out on their wedding day after that.

Haldi – Sign of Blessings :

To start a happy and peaceful conjugal life, the couple needs blessings from the elders and the haldi ceremony is an appropriate occasion for this. After the application of haldi paste, the elderly women bless the bride and the groom for a healthy and happy married life. In our tradition and culture, blessings from elders have a prominent significance.

Purification :

According to old Hindu texts, turmeric or haldi have immense purification powers. Application of the haldi paste helps to cleanse the body along with the soul of the couple, who are going to tie into a holy binding. It is very important to start a new conjugal life with a pure soul and heart.

For Enhancing the Glow :

Apart from the religious view, haldi is beneficial to the skin perspective. The haldi paste that is specially prepared for the haldi ceremony has a powerful antiseptic effect. It is able to prevent pimples and acne. It removes the dead skin and reveals a glowing and healthy skin. All of the above, the faint yellow hue of turmeric gives the bride and the groom a divine and beautiful radiance.

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