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Significance of Bangles In Indian Culture

November 6, 2017

Bangles are an integral part of the Indian culture. Bangles have been featured in numerous films and folk songs till date. Therefore, it is worth to know the Significance Of Bangles for Indian weddings.

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Bangles – the Distinct Feature of every Indian Bride :

Traditionally, the bangles are one of the essential parts of solah shringar of an Indian bride. It is essential for the would-be-brides as well as newlywed brides to wear bangles made of gold, glass or various other metals. It implies the longevity of their husbands and signifies prosperity and good fortune as well. The Significance Of Bangles is huge. Over the passing time, bangles have become more stylish as well as considered more fashionable to match up with today’s contemporary look; however, they hold great significance even today. Geometric-designed bangles provide a fashionable look. For various traditional events, circular glass or metal bangles are preferred. Based on region, bangles have different names but they have the same importance in the Indian wedding ceremony, irrespective of the geographical boundaries. Every bride should know the Significance Of Bangles.

Traditional Bangles :

Bangles have a different set of customs and rituals based on different regions. The would-be-brides wear the bangles taking the help of oil. It implies that the bride’s married life will be filled with affection and love.

Region wise Bangle Differences :

1.Gold is assumed to be extremely auspicious in the southern states. In some of the communities, the bride wears green-colored glass bangles and the gold bangles as well. Green implies prosperity and fertility. Despite various differences, the Significance Of Bangles remains eternal.

2. In Bengal, a bride wears two auspicious bangles made with the conch shell and red coral that are known as shakha and pola locally. In addition, the daughter-in-law gets a gift from her mother-in-law,a bangle made with gold-plated iron. She gets this bangle at the time of entering her in-laws’ house

3. In Gujarat and Rajasthan, the brides wear chooda or ivory bangles. In Gujarat, the bride’s maternal uncle in a ceremony, known as mameru, provides her the chooda. The bride also gets the bridal silk saree with red border.

4. In Punjab, the would-be-bride wears ivory along with red bangles known as chooda. The bride’s maternal uncle gifts a set of chooda to her. She also wears those bangles for a particular period after marriage. However, it also depends on the custom of the respective family.

5. In Maharashtra, the brides wear somewhat different kinds of chooda. They wear odd-numbered green glass bangles. The green color implies new life, creativity, and fertility. At some places, the brides also wear chooda along with the solid gold bangles (known as patlya) and carved kadas (known  as tode). The groom’s family generally gifts the gold bangles. However, the Significance Of Bangles is not limited to this only.

Significance of Color :

  • In Indian culture, different-colored bangles imply different aspects of a girl’s married life. Red signifies prosperity and energy and green implies fertility and good luck. White signifies new beginnings, orange denotes success, and yellow bangles are significant for happiness. Gold bangles are an iconic symbol of prosperity and fortune. Silver bangles imply strength. Therefore, bangles are not only an accessory but also an identity to the Indian women.
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