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Should you be Friend with your Partner?

November 16, 2017
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A good friendship between husband and wife is a base for successful marriage. But, there are people who share a wonderful bond and do not have a best friend relation with their partner. Different people have different views on having a spouse as your friend. It works different for different couples, depends on what works for a specific couple. What is right for, you are the better judge of it.Consider these points before deciding where you should be friends with your partner or not:

Friendship and Co-dependency are two different things :

Do not consider these two words as synonyms, they are two different words with different meaning. A partner who are friends:
1.Share a common interest.
2.Like spending time together
3.Make new friends together as well as individually
4.Have personal space

Whereas partners who are co-dependent :

1.Engage in activities where their partner is involved
2.Do not have/prefer to make new friends
3.Do not want to spend time alone or fear to do so
Find out whether you are friends with your partner or you are co-dependent and considering it as friendship. Never make one person everything to you. If you do so you are actually weakening your relation.

Friendship is the base of a healthy marriage :

If you are not best friends, no worries. Try to be friends with a partner so that you can add value to your marriage. There are couples who are unaware of what is happening in other person life and even are not interested to know. This shows that they are not aware how to be friends with each other.
First, try to build a friend zone amongst both of you because friendship is the base of a healthy and happy marriage. And when you have built that, now you can work on being best friends where you share anything and everything without hesitation.

Just being friends with your partner :

Making your partner as your only friend will make you ignore your other friends. Accepted that your partner is the one with whom you share the closest relation but everyone needs their personal space. You have to maintain a balance between friendship with your partner and with your other friends. After all, you cannot be the one who remembers their friends when you need them and afterward ignore them. Nurture your friendship with all your friends so that you have someone else to hear you out.

Finding a best friend in your partner means you share similar interest, you can have fun together, hang out anytime you want and look for activities you can do together. But apart from all this, you definitely need another person in life who can lend you his/her ears when you want to speak your heart out which even your partner will not understand. And when it happens, don’t get upset, rather try to understand no one can fulfill all your emotional needs as every relation has its limitations too.

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