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Should You Attend A Marriage Event Or Not?

September 5, 2017

Sounds to be a very common question, but with lots of different opinions with each one of us. Most of us have this question coming up in our mind sometime or other and it becomes so tough to decide whether to attend marriage event or not. Few points below will make it easy to decide if yes or no should be the answer.


How well we know that person and what is the relation between us will always become critical in making decisions. Sometimes we may have a very positive relationship with people and it becomes very critical to attend and sometimes it can be less lenient too so better take the call based on the relation with a person.

Distance too matters:

The place also becomes a decision maker at times because it can be too far from the place we are put up. Hence, we might not be interested in traveling that long, so there is every chance we skip the marriage. As said before, this also depends on the relation we share with that person and impacts too.

Day of marriage:

Sometimes we want to attend the marriage, but because of our personal and professional engagements will not be able to on particular days. However, nowadays most of the people are planning for marriages on the holidays itself for convenience of people to attend. But even then, few situations might be like we may not be able to attend, hence it is advised to plan accordingly.

Out of Routine life:

It is good to attend marriages because to get out of routine lifestyle which will become so monotony in life and make us very indifferent.

Mandatory attendance:

The relative’s marriages will become mandatory for us to attend because of excessive family pressure and the protocol , so these are the events which we may not avoid even if we want to so be prepared in this kind of situations that too if this is been planned in the place or city where you are put up.

Chance to sort out differences:

Few situations are like this, we might have a clash with one of our old friends and now we come to know that he or she is getting married. Hence, we want to attend but our ego will not be permitting us to do so. Suggestion is to consider this as a better way to clear up all the misunderstandings you have with right opportunity. Anyone might be wrong but ultimately relations are what matters so take the first step in rebuilding them.

Good to move on then holding it:

Last point would like to mention is about marriage of loved ones in the past and it is always good to avoid these kinds of marriages rather than reinvading troubles in life and move on. Nothing is going to change or impact if we attend or do not attend these kinds of marriages, so better to avoid them and be happy.
So, suggestions might work out for most of the cases, but ultimately one must decide if it is important for him/her to attend the marriage event and will thus remain as a sweet memory of life.

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