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Shopping Guide For Indian Wedding

December 7, 2017
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The first thing you probably had thought of after getting your wedding days fixed was shopping. This doesn’t happen because you think that’s the only important thing, but because that brings in the wedding feel and everything else comes thereafter.Shopping doesn’t only include the ecstatic clothesyou’re going to buy for the event, but also the things you’d need for a fresh start. Thus, from clothes to furnishing, there is a lot to buy. We are giving you an easy shopping guide to prepare and follow your checklist.

Prepare your budget

You need to make a budget that will include the costs of all the things you need to buy. Some common things you’d require are clothes, jewelry, cosmetics, household goods, gifts, upholstery, and more. The process helps you remain within a budget and prevents you from overspending.

Make your checklists

1.Make a shopping guide or list to note down all that things you will need. These will have all the things you can require for the concerned people, for example, bride, groom, relatives, friends, and more. The list made for the bride must have clothes, jewelry, makeup, and more. The list for the groom must be as per the traditional requirements or his preferences.

2.Create a different list of the gifts that will be given to the relatives. You do need a list for this to make sure you don’t miss out on anyone. You need to make another list of things to note down the pre and post requirements of the Indian wedding events.

3.The bride and groomwill have their set of requirements and will want to have them arranged. You need to consult them before making any purchases. Their lifestyle, occupation, and preferences will matter to buy gifts for a new household.

4.Finally, a list of items required for the wedding rituals must be bought. This sort of shopping must be done separately and followed by the instructions of the wedding pandit.

Make advance purchases

To follow a proper shopping guide for Indian wedding, you must start planning way ahead. Don’t keep everything for the last moment as this means spending a lot more. Be alert about discounts and sales all through a year to book your electronics or buy clothes. An Indian wedding is a long affair and usually doesn’t happen in a jiffy, so you will have ample amount of time.

Issues to manage

You might have a big budget or little time and that makes you go through quick buys. However, you need to make sure that your products are of quality. Try to choose shops you already buy from because they will give you good products at a good rate. You canalso easily return anything to someone who you have always bought products from. Make sure you take a receipt of the things you buy so that the returning probability is more.

The shopping guide takes you through the basics that you need to follow. Your budget is by far the most important thing and allocating a certain amount for each checklist might help you a little more.

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