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Sacred Rituals of Mangalorean Catholic Wedding

January 10, 2018
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India is the land of diversity. This secular country has people of varied religions, caste, and creed, and the beauty of the land is that everyone has the freedom to follow his or her own culture. Unlike any other Indian wedding, the Catholic weddings are also a great attraction. The traditional sacred rituals, the participation of friends and family and the picturesque decoratives around make it a memorable event.

The Catholic Wedding

You can experience a lot of fun and masti if you get an opportunity to be a part of the Mangalorean Catholic Wedding. These weddings are full of rituals as it includes different traditional practices. Some of the rituals of this wedding are given below:
1. Seven sacraments or Sakrament
2. Baptism/ Povitr-Snan
3. Confirmation/ Thiraynni
4. Eucharist/ Krist-Prasad,
5. Penance/ Prachit
6. Anointing of the Sick/ Piddestanchi Makhnni
7. Holy Orders/ Iazokanchi Sonskornni
Matrimony/ Logn
Mangalorean Catholic weddings are traditional weddings and full of Indian customs as it begins with the Roce ceremony.

The Roce Ceremony

To make the perfect match with any color scheme, the white bouquet provides the ease of flexibility. The use of metallic color vase either golden or copper can be used to provide graceful aura.

Warm Welcome

Unlike any other Indian wedding, it is very important for the Mangalorean Catholic wedding to give warm welcome to the guests. The guests who come for the roce ceremony are warmly welcomed at the main gate of the pandal also known as Mattov. The guests are welcomed with the plate of areca nut and the betel leaves, during this time, the elder family members sing traditional folk songs (Vovios) in Konkani. Post this, all the jewellery and flowers, which are to be used for the wedding, are blessed by the elders.

The Wedding Day

The wedding day is special by all means, the wedding takes place in a Church, the Bride and the Groom enter the Church once all the family members reach the Church. The bridesmaid opens the car door for the bride and the groomsman does the same for the groom. Two special people are then greeted with handshakes, hugs, and bouquets. The bride is then walked to the aisle with her father. This is a beautiful moment when the father in reaching the aisle gives the bride’s hand in the groom’s hand.

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