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Royal Destination Weddings In Rajasthan

April 2, 2018

With information about the world at one’s fingertips and the web enticing us with beautiful pictures of lovely places, it is no surprise that many couples are opting for destination weddings. This is the dream of many to have their wedding in a place of supreme beauty, with their near and dear ones around them. Destination weddings also lend themselves beautifully to any theme that the couple might have in mind. One of the most favourite places for destination weddings, not just for Indians but also for foreigners, is Rajasthan. Rajasthan is a place filled with history. Its forts and palaces bring back the regal splendor of the days bygone. It is the perfect place for a storybook wedding.

Some beautiful options you can consider for your dream destination wedding in Rajasthan are:

Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur

Imagine getting married in a beautiful palace surrounded by a lake! This is the experience that the luxurious Taj property offers. The experience comes with a cost! Taj can charge anywhere between Rs 8000-10000 per person (includes food, travel by jetty, basic décor).

FatehGarh in Udaipur

This resort offers you an authentic royal wedding experience with exquisite views of Udaipur and the Aravalli Hills. This palatial wedding gives you a royal as well as exquisite experience. Cost can vary per plate Starting from Rs 2000 to Rs 3000 for food alone. This is a low to medium budget venue if you are looking for a lower budget destination wedding.

UmaidBhavan in Jodhpur

Once, one of the largest private residences in the world, this resort is a safe bet for a big fat wedding. An added charm that defines Rajasthani tradition is welcome with elephants and dancers. There are options for indoor and outdoor weddings here, each as lavish as the other with a cost of approximately 200 guests would vary guests from 76 Lacs – 92 Lacs

Scratch Ticket

The large blooms can add a lot of beauty to center stem wedding centerpieces. You can make use of radiant colors for this purpose.

Jai Mahal Palace in Jaipur

This gorgeous heritage hotel was once a palace where Jaipur’s royals lived! If you are dreaming of a royal wedding theme, with all its magnificence and want to be pampered as royals are, look no further! The cost of the wedding with 150 guests will be 70 lakhs onwards

Aman-i-Khas in Ranthambore

Ever thought of getting married in a jungle? Welcome to Aman-i-Khas. This is a stunning wilderness resort that redefines luxury. You will get the feeling of a king and queen on the move, with opulent tents, which can better be described as mobile mini-palaces. Bonfires, no pollution, and getting married in the lap of nature will be the USP of your destination wedding. The cost including stay starts from Rs 30000 per day. Rajasthan offers multiple options for couples choosing a destination wedding. Look no further than royal Rajasthan for a dreamy palace wedding or a grand wedding in romantic and lush gardens, or even a simple wedding in the starkness of Rajasthan’s countryside. With the popularity of royal destination weddings, most of the popular resorts offer in-house wedding planning that saves you a lot of time and energy! All you will have to do is to decide on the number of guests and confer with the planners about any specifications you may have, they will take care of the rest.

Rajasthan has the added benefit of being a popular tourist destination, so you don’t have to worry about occupying your guests. Do try to include a night safari into the desert as part of your destination wedding itinerary for a wonderful experience of Rajasthan in its true glory.

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