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Quick And Easy Way To Register Marriage Online

December 6, 2017

When the computers were invented, no one even had the idea that it would initiate a massive revolution and touch every sphere of our life. With the advent of the internet, not only information is easily available but you can even register marriage online without any hassle.

In India, a marriage certificate is an important official statement which reveals that two people are now married. It is important to get your marriage registered since this certificate is a legal proof that you are married. It is one of the most vital documents of a marriage. In 2006, the Supreme Court has made it compulsory that you need to register the marriage. In this internet era, you need not visit the court in order to get your marriage registered. Now you can apply for marriage certificates online and have it registered while sitting at home. You just need to type Register marriage online and you can have access to all the facts regarding online registration of marriage. Availability of Online registration forms makes the entire process very easy and convenient.

Few Steps for Online Registration

  • Choose your district and continue.
  • Fill in your spouse’s details and select “Registration of Marriage Certificate“.
  • Fill in Marriage Certificate form and opt for the date of appointment.
  • Click “Submit Application”. Then you will be allotted a temporary number. You will find this number printed on the acknowledgment slip. Thus your application form is complete.
  • Now you need to take a printout of acknowledgment slip as well.

However, you require certain important Documents for filling online form such as Proof of Address- Voter ID/ Ration Card/ Passport, Driving License Proof of Date of Birth of both husband and wife. The application form should be signed by both husband and wife. All documents must be self-attested. It is mandatory to fill in your Adhaar card number as you register marriage online. You can easily download the application for registering marriage online and fill in the required authentic details.

Time required for registering marriage online

Well! The time required to register marriage online varies.

  • You will get the Appointment In case of Hindu Marriage Act, within 15 days of the online registration.
  • However, in the case of the Special Marriage Act, you may get the appointment within a span of 60 days.
  • It is also important to arrange for a Witness. Anyone who has attended the wedding of the couple can be a witness. It is mandatory for the witness to have a PAN Card and a Proof of Residence.
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