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What Is The Process Of Online Marriage Registration?

December 11, 2017

The online aids have indeed made sure to make the day to day life hassle-free. So, whether you are planning to avail some branded apparel, looking for makeup tips, browsing for a honeymoon destination, the online portals come way handy. It’s just your smartphone, your tab or your laptop and you are sorted. In fact, you do not require dressing up as well for the same. You can be sitting in your bedroom wearing your nightdress, waiting for a friend at the coffee shop, or simply reclining after a day’s hard work! All you need is the internet connection.And, now the internet connection will also help you to get your marriage registered. With the portal for the Online marriage registration, this process has been made really easy.


All those of you soon-to-get-married couple or the newlyweds, if either of the spouses has resided in Delhi for at least 6 months before marriage can avail Online marriage registration with ease!


To make the perfect match with any color scheme, the white bouquet provides the ease of flexibility. The use of metallic color vase either golden or copper can be used to provide graceful aura.

The process for Online marriage registration is as follows:-

1. Click on the website http://edistrict.delhigovt.nic.in/
2. Choose the district, which is relevant to you.
3. Then, you will be required to fill the complete details of the male partner of the wedding.
4. Click on the option which reads ‘Registration of Marriage Certificate’.
5. You are then required to select the date for the appointment as provided and in accordance with your priority.
6. Then, click on the option which reads ‘Submit Application’.
7. You will be then taken to an acknowledgment page. It will bear all the details about the appointment. It will also have the instruction which is required to be followed.
8. You will be given a temporary number which will be printed on the acknowledgment slip.
9. You should make sure to keep a copy of the application form and acknowledgment slip. It will be of aid later. This is the final step in the process of Online Marriage registration.

As an applicant, you will be required to take a witness on the designated date of the appointment for registration. The witness should be the person who has attended your marriage. But again, he or she should carry a PAN card and residential proof of the same.

A marriage certificate is mandatory. You need to avail this legal document. And, the best aspect is that if you do not have time you can pursue the process online with ease. It is a hassle free procedure. However, do make sure to affirm the act under which your marriage comes. It may be the Hindu Marriage Act or the Special Marriage Act.

Do make sure to not input any inappropriate information. It is likewise imperative that you do not have any fake certificates. This will not only make the marriage registration impossible, it will also at the same time put legal obligations on you.

So, take out some time from the busy schedule of yours and make sure to avail the process.

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