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9 Great Ideas For Planning Your Wedding Size

January 9, 2018

Planning a wedding guest list is one of the toughest jobs. While you may want everyone to be a part of your wedding, the budget constraints considered, one must plan their wedding guest list rather precisely. Here are some of the pro tips for planning wedding size.

Choosing the right set of friends

Friends are an important part of any wedding, but that does not necessarily mean that one must invite all of his friends. Just because you had exchanged some brief moments with anyone doesn’t mean you should invite them to your wedding. It is advisable to invite those with whom you can imagine yourself having dinner.

Relatives can be a pain

Besides friends, relatives occupy the major portion of your guest list. Planning wedding size always means inviting close relatives and a few extended family members. More importantly, invite only a group of relatives from a distant kin rather than the whole lot.

Co-workers are not must

Often co-workers from your office are unintended guests on your guest list. Better to invite people only from your department, mostly your friends or leave all of them off the guest list.

Inviting your boss

This can be the trickiest part for you. Invite your boss only if you closely collaborate with him/her or not inviting him/her might reflect poorly on your behaviour.

The need for Plus Ones

If grandeur is your style, then you can have the pleasure of permitting your guests to get a plus on alongside them to the wedding. However, for a small and budgeted wedding, it is better to avoid applying the plus one rule.

The List-B

For planning an effective wedding, it is always preferable to design two guest lists. One known as the A-list and the other as B-list. This helps you restrict and decide on the number of people and guests who should be invited to your wedding.

Avoid the last minute add-on.

Meticulously planning wedding size often goes in vain when you start adding guests as the last minute add-on to your wedding because of various reasons. Avoiding the add-ons help you plan your wedding with the expected size and deprives you of any stress.

Parents shouldn’t decide the wedding list

Since it is your wedding, you must select and invite the guests to your weddings and not your parents or in-laws. Ideally, you should consider your parent’s wishes but not at the cost of accommodating more guests than you have decided.

Whistles and Bells

The decorative bells and whistles complimented with the vibrant colors can add extra energy and happiness to the surrounding.

Divide and Conquer

Devise a system for dividing your guests into sections so as to prioritize them and fit them on your wedding guest list.
Following the aforementioned tips will help you plan a relatively stress-free wedding. Planning the wedding size with some of the above pro tips will be effective and efficient.

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