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What Is The Online Procedure For Marriage Registration?

December 1, 2017

Are you on the threshold of the new chapter of your life? Do you continuously browse on a plethora of marriage sites? Is your soon-to-be-spouses’ number always on your last call list? Indeed, marriage is a beautiful onset of a new relationship or better said forever relationship. So, you have a lot on your plate. Daydreaming, chatting, exchanging love notes have become a part of your life. And, you do not feel it be some errand. But, there is this one errand, which needs to be done on a mandatory basis.

  • It is to get your marriage registered. Reality Check! It is completely possible that you have no idea about it. It is also a probability that it slipped your mind. Marriage Registration is of paramount significance. You cannot obliterate it, in accordance with the law. The Supreme Court of India, 2006 has made it a rule of law to avail Marriage Registration. There are two acts under which the marriage can be registered, The Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 or the Special Marriage Act, 1954.
  • Now, is this news, making sure to bring lines of worry on your forehead? Are you thinking how to take out time from your busy schedule post marriage for this particular task? But of course, you have plans for your life post marriage. You have to visit places. You have to click selfies. You have to know each other better. You intend to enjoy the feeling of love. Well, in the present world of technology blended with innovation, you can have all the above together. It is with the aid of online marriage registration.
  • Here are some points you need to comprehend before going for online Marriage Registration. Registering for a marriage certificate online is not possible in all Indian states. But, if you are a Delhite reading this, you are really fortunate.

The procedure for online Marriage Registration goes as follows

      • You need to visit the website: http://edistrict.delhigovt.nic.in/
      • For the next step, you need to choose the relevant district.
      • You will be then required to fill the details of the male life partner.
      • Then click on the option which reads ‘Registration of Marriage Certificate’.
      • Post, this you will be required to fill in the details as asked in the marriage certificate.
      • You will also be required to choose the desired date of appointment.
      • Then, click on the option which says, ‘Submit Application’.
      • You will be taken to an Acknowledgement page. It will have a comprehensive detail of appointments and instructions which are required to be followed by you.
      • You will then be required to take a print out of the acknowledge slip, which will bear a temporary number. That is it.

All you have to pursue now is to make sure to reach the sub-registrar office on the designated date for the complete process. However, do make sure to take a witness along with you. The witness needs to carry a PAN card and a proof of his or her residence.

Have a happily ever after!

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