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Must Know Process Of Marriage Certificate Online

December 1, 2017

You have recently got married. It is the most beautiful phase of your life. You are experiencing your most adorable chapter. You and your spouse are definitely having a gala at a time. Amidst this beautiful setup, you might have already forgotten about getting a marriage certificate! Bingo!
In accordance with the law, a marriage certificate is an official and vital document that supports your marriage. It is mandatory. You can go with the procedure of going to the registrar office, submitting the documents and availing the certificate. Other than this, there is also the procedure of getting a Marriage Certificate Online.

Availing the process of Marriage Certificate Online is hassle-free. But, before going into the procedure of the same, here is a list of benefits you will be able to avail

  • A Marriage certificate is a document needed when you are applying for passports or opening a bank account.
  • It will be of immense aid to get the visas of both your partners.
  • The embassies of foreign countries located in India and outside country do not identify with Indian traditional marriages. So, the marriage certificate is mandatory if you plan to travel abroad.
  • If the life insurance is without any nominee, it is this particular marriage document, which acts as a proof of marriage, if either of the partners dies. And, it is again the same certificate which comes handy for band deposits.

So, without wasting your time, start with the procedure for the getting marriage certificate. And, with the online portal, you can pursue the process of Marriage Certificate Online with ease.

The process is as follows:-

  • You have to click on the link http://edistrict.delhigovt.nic.in/
  • Then, choose the district and click on continue tab.
  • The husband’s details need to be filled up. Post this, click on the “Registration of Marriage Certificate”.
  • You will be requiring filling the form of the marriage certificate and then selecting the appointment date.
  • Then, click on the “Submit Application”.
  • You will then need to print out the acknowledgment slip,
    Which will have a temporary number.
  • If your marriage falls under the Hindu Marriage Act for a period of 15 days you will get an appointment. However, if your marriage comes under the Special Marriage Act, it can take almost 60 days.
  • For the appointment, a witness needs to accompany you, with a PAN card and residence proof.
  • As soon as you get your marriage registered, you will be able to get your marriage certificate.

Tatkal Marriage Certificate

The Revenue Department of Delhi Government in the month of April 2014 introduced the tatkal service. This makes sure that a single day authorization is applicable. And, with this, a registration procedure is pursued on a priority basis.
Registering for the wedding and getting a certificate within a span of 24 hours will require you to pay a sum of Rs. 10,000.
Avail the Marriage Certificate Online for solemnizing your wedding.

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