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Must Know Appetizing Cuisines of Haryanvi Wedding

January 9, 2018

The simplicity of the people and culture of Haryana is widely known. It is for sure you will be able to find the glimpse of wonderful delicacies, simplistic in form for the same. You will be able to find that their culture and tradition is imbued with the kind of arrangements that do and that is the reason that in every part of the wedding, there stays a sign of elegance. Here, the people are not too fond of restaurant based food items and that is the reason that you will be able to find a great combination of different local or regional dishes in the wedding menu. Let’s have a look:


Made with berries and desert beans, this item not only has its popularity during the wedding times, but its admirers are spread all over Rajasthanalso. The vegetables are soaked with the turmeric water after which they are made dry. Sometimes, yogurt is also added to the menu. With “alookeparathe”, having this item is simply a feast.

Kachriki Chutney

As a very famous item now, you will be having Kachriki Chutney with the roti’s. In the Haryanvi wedding, this chutney is popularly used. You will surely be amazed at its taste. Made with cucumber, this chutney happens to be the very best.

Dal Mix

There is hardly anyone who wouldn’t expect the Dal mix during the Haryanvi wedding. With the use of Masoor or Moong dal, this happens to be the best dish that they cherish. With the jeera rice, this dal is a must-have for them.

Hara DhaniaCholia

With the use of the chickpea this item is mainly made. You can also make use of green chana to make this dish. Specially across the different parts of NorthernIndia, you will be able to find people are quite fond of this dish. With the use of tomato, onion, cumin seeds, chilly red powder and many elements, this dish is prepared.

Alsi Ki Pinni

Among the different sweet items of Punjab, Pinni takes the forefront. The use of Pinni happens to be a must for the Haryanvi wedding and that is the reason that the wedding arrangers try to come up with the best quality of the same. These pinnis are made of wheat flour, ghee, sugar and cardamom powder. They are both healthy and delicious. So there is no harm if you have a little more.

Masala Roti

Made with Besan, this roti is made along with the spices like mango powder, green chilli paste and ghee. During the local Haryanvi weddings such masala rotis are a part of the main course and hence mentioned in the list.

All in all, it may be concluded the use of all these items have made the weddingsin Haryana glamorous and pompous. Not only do you get a huge variety of dishes, but also the best options for having a look at the cultural presence of Haryana.

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