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Marwari Wedding – Ceremonies Which Have Lavish Written All Over It !

November 7, 2017

Pre-Wedding Rituals :

Engagement (Sagai) :

If you have been thinking all the while, pertaining to the engagement ceremonybeing like a little meet of the two of you, you are not right. It is because, in a Marwari wedding, the sagai is basically tika. This Marwari wedding ceremony does not include any ladies. It involves tika. The brother of the bride puts a tika or tilak on the forehead of the groom. The groom is also the gifted sword, clothes, sweets, fruits, and jewelry.

Ganpati Staphana and Griha Shanti :

Yhis ceremony involves prayers and havan. Ganesha Sthapana involves placing an idol of Lord Ganesha in the respective homes. This is pursued because Ganpati is considered Vighnaharta. A special prayer of the Griha Shanti which means peace and prosperity through the wedding is also performed.

Pithi Dastoor :

This ceremony involves applying of sandalwood paste or turmeric powder to the bride and the groom. The family members pursue the ritual in the respective homes of the soon-to-be-bride and the soon-to-be-groom. The ceremony is really elaborate at the brides’ place. It is because the bride is escorted to the gathering, walking under a silk canopy. It is held with the aid of 4 swords. The 4 swords are carried by the 4 ladies, for whom it is pertinent to belong to the same clan.

This is every bit a Rajasthani celebration. It happens separately for the men and the women. Ghoomar dance is performed in this celebration as well.

Mahira Dastoor :

This ceremony is again performed at the bride’s and the groom’s house. It is done by the maternal uncle of the bride and the groom. They reach the wedding venue with an array of gifts for both the bride and the groom respectively.

Janev Ceremony :

A havan is performed at the place of the groom on the eve of the wedding. After the ceremony, the groom is required to wear a sacred thread called janev. With the janev, he accepts the responsibilities of the marriage that will accompany him to the wedding.

Palla Dastoor :

This ceremony is performed on the day of the wedding or on its eve. In accordance with the ritual, the relatives of the groom carry the bridal outfit, for the soon-to-be-bride. It is this very attire which the bride wears for the wedding ceremony.

Nikasi :

The groom’s sister’s husband ties a headgear known as Sehra to the groom. The Sehra is made of flowers or pearls. Golden threads are also tied to the reins of the mare by the sister of the groom. The Barat then embarks on the journey.

Baraat :

The Barat of a traditional family only involves male members. And, all of them are required to carry swords.

Wedding Rituals :

Toran :

The entrance of the wedding venue or the abode of the house is decorated with Toran. The groom is required to hit the Toran with a stick of neem or sword in some traditions. This is again done to avert any evil.

Jaimala :

The bride and the groom are required to exchange garlands with this ritual.

Granthi Bandhan :

The cloth or the scarf attached to the waist of the groom is tied to the dupatta of the bride. The sister of the bride performs this ritual.

Paanigrahan :

The hand of the bride is held by the groom in this ceremony as they both promise to stay together in times of happiness and turbulence.

Pheras :

Both the bride and the groom are required to walk around the sacred fire as they take their wedding vows.

Ashwarohan :

n this ritual, the bride is required to put her foot on the grinding stone. The brother of the bride hands her puffed rice, which she gives to the groom. It is then put in the fire.

Vamang Sthapana and Sindurdaan :

-In this Marwari wedding ritualthe bride is requested to sit on the left-hand side of the groom. During the Sindurdaan ritual, the groom applies vermilion at the hair parting of the bride.

Saptapadi :

During this ritual, the newlyweds are required to walk seven steps together. Post this, sargunthi is done. In this ceremony, the hair of the bride is adorned by the sister of the groom.

Aanjhala Bharaai :

During this ritual, for you, the bride you father- in -law will put a bag full of money on your lap. This ritual marks your welcome to the new family.

The Paharavani :

the groom is gifted clothes, money, and the likes. The father of the groom is also presented with a kachola. Then, the bride is required to worship the threshold of her parental home. Post this; the newlyweds are taken to the groom’s home.

Bidai :

e bride, bids goodbye to her parents as she embarks on this new journey. This is also the ritual wherein a coconut is placed under the wheel of the car before the newlyweds depart to their abode.

Post Wedding Rituals :

Grihapravesh :

The bride is considered Goddess Laxmi as she enters her new home. A number of prayers are held on the same day.

Pagelagni :

The bride touches the feet of the elders of the family. And, they are required to gift her gifts. The bride is still in veil during this ceremony.

Mooh Dikhai :

During this Marwari wedding ceremony, the family members are able to see the bride and they shower her with gifts.

Chura :

For you the gorgeous bride, the Chura is the ceremony, whereby your mother-in-law will gift you a set of bangles.

As you start this new journey of life, make sure to bury all the negativity in the past. Enjoy every moment, live every dream and love each other.

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