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Marrying A Friend vs Marrying A Stranger

September 5, 2017

Whether it’s a love marriage or an arranged marriage, becoming a part of the marital bond needs a good amount of time to think over. Nowadays, even arranged marriages give a couple much time to talk to each other and make an understanding about the other person before tying the knot.

But, how about choosing a stranger for marriage instead of a friend or a vice versa situation? In fact, both kinds of relationships have their own pros and cons and nothing can be guaranteed before a positive outcome is certainly received.

In fact, most of us would choose a friend over a stranger as the word ‘friend’ itself gives a warm and comfortable feeling to spend a whole life with. However, with so many broken marriage cases of true friends reveal the stark reality though it can’t be considered to be always negative.

First, let’s discuss why a person would choose a friend

Comfort of Friendship- How nice we feel for those who get married to their friends as if all the problems of their lives are solved. Yes, there is always a better understanding if that doesn’t get broken in small fights of couples after marriage.
Better Understanding Beforehand-
Yes, as the couples already know each other, their understanding for each other is already strong. By this, they get settled soon and their love story is set to go.
Less Time Required to Explore Each Other-
Worried about what other person’s likes or dislikes would be? This only happens when you marry a stranger, not when you marry a friend. So, a thing you are already rid of after marriage.
Stronger Trust since the Beginning-
What can be stronger than the bond of friendship? So, the trust is right from the beginning itself which plays a pivotal role in taking any relationship to the next level.

However, there may be many who would still take the plunge with a stranger leaving the comfort of friendship. Why would such people choose that? Here are a few possible reasons:

A New Person to Explore-
Who is not excited about getting into a bond with a new person? And it becomes more exciting when it is going to be forever.
More Surprises-
A new relationship is always a pack of surprises and when it’s with a stranger, every day becomes an eagerly awaited surprise. It definitely makes the relationship interesting.
A Fresh Beginning for Both-
As it’s a new beginning for both, each step taken forward is with love and care and after a good thought.
A New Chance to Prove One’s Best Side-
Yes, both the partners try to give their best as both are eager to take the relationship to the next level.

A friend or a stranger, at the end it depends on two persons only how they take the relationship further. One should never forget the point that a relationship after marriage is new in many aspects and whether you are married to a friend or a stranger, the sailing has to be together. It only depends on your own attitude how the journey moves forward.

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