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Why is Marriage Registration Necessary in India?

December 11, 2017

Marriage is an auspicious relationship which involves two people who agree to spend their life together. The registration of marriage is compulsory under the Indian law in order to avoid some serious issues like fraud marriages, bigamy, and desertion of a woman by her husband and child marriages. The registration of marriages is thus made compulsory in different states and Union Territories of independent India.

Registration of Marriage

Marriage registration is done to certify the marriage as it makes the couple legally married. After the registration, the Civil Registrar issues a document known as the marriage certificate. This document includes the name of the couple, date and time of the marriage and the place where the marriage has been solemnized. The authority of which is granted by the Judge in charge or by anyone who justifies the legitimate interest ground.

Registration within Specific Time Period

The marriage registration should be done within the specific period of time i.e. one year. After the completion of a year, it can only be done with the written permission of the First Class Magistrate who is the specified authority. Once the marriage is registered both husband and wife get legally bound by the law.

The Courts Verdict

The Supreme Court’s verdict dated 14/02/ 2006 states that the marriage of all the citizens of India is compulsory under the Marriage Act in their respective state where the marriage has been solemnized. This verdict of Supreme Court has made the marriage registration compulsory for every Indian Citizen who is married. Thus, Indian law states that every person irrespective of caste, creed or religion must get the marriage under the given directives. After the judgment by the Supreme Court, the Law Panel requested the Court to ease out the process of registration so that the people can do it without much difficulty.

Marriage Act

The marriage registration in India can be done either under the Hindu Marriage Act 1955 or under the Special Marriage Act of 1954. Though the unregistered weddings are not considered to be unlawful or illegal in India the registration is always better.

Benefits of Getting the Marriage Registration

If a marriage is registered under the law then one can entail many benefits as the relationship between the two people gets certified by the Marriage Act. Some of the benefits of the registration are listed below:

  • It serves as a proof that you are legally married to a person
  • It helps in acquiring documents like a passport or opening a bank account
  • Helpful in acquiring an Insurance policy
  • It can be used as a strong proof in the cases of disputed marriages

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