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Know About The Indian Wedding Photo Pose Ideas

January 8, 2018

A wedding is a unique lifetime affair; a relation with lot of adoration, bonding, and harmony. So you must make it special and different, not a boring old-fashioned one. Here we are presenting some tricky, unusual, but stylish posture for Indian wedding photos.

  • The Vintage Bye-Bye

    Hire an old topless vintage car, and say hello in a royal style. Waving goodbye to friends and family in such a unique wedding car design will give an extraordinary touch.

  • The Royal Portrait
  • Pose dramatically like the memorable Indian king and queen and make the royal portrait. It’s not only majestic but also a tribute to our history and culture.

  • Haathi Mere Saathi
  • In case you are one of those fortunate couples to have an elephant at your wedding, get clicked with it; it will give a perfect impact on your Indian wedding photos.

  • Camels In The Thar
  • This is an epic part of the Indian wedding photos. Click a picture with a background of sunset in the desert. Its magical beauty will leave a trace on your mind permanently.

  • Mystical Monochrome

    A high contrast picture taken while trading your promises or when you are completing a puja together makes for an excellent memory. This is an elegant pose for Indian wedding photos.

  • The Umbrella In The Beach
  • A basic outline of the couple eye to eye, holding an umbrella on the shoreline. This is a totally brilliant idea, it will remind you about the Mughal period outline sketches of the sovereign and the princess.

  • The Romantic Round About
  • Pose dramatically like your most loved film stars as you live away your fantasies with this perfectly adjusted shot which catches the mindset and the history.

  • Cinemascope
  • Bollywood Style Indian Wedding Photography Poses. Nothing can be better than this, a wonderful picture of the bride and groom embracing each other and looking eye to eye – immersed in their isolated fantasy world. The flying shading papers and the perfect orange colour of the setting sun make this photo unbelievable.

  • The Mr. And Mrs. Balloons
  • A beautiful pose as the couple shares a happy moment together, holding balloons with Mr and Mrs inscribed on them. A photo that will make you happy anytime. It will be a perfect shot as a made for each other couple.

  • The Biker And His Pillion
  • A pose that is ideal for the couple who love to live and ride together. A candid photo of the bride riding a bike and her groom riding pillion. This is such a simple and genuine idea that gives a lovely ending to the wedding album. Moreover, it also creates a remarkable memory for the couple.

    Hope all these fabulous ideas will help you to shoot your wedding photos without any hassle, and also you will not have to face a lack of creativity. All you need to do now is to find a professional photographer within your budget and book him/her for the most awaited wedding date.


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