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Khatri Marriage Guide

November 6, 2017

Khatri is a caste that belongs to the North Indian subcontinent. In India, mostly Khatri’s come from Punjab region. They are a member of the Kshatriya clan and find their roots in Punjab. As we all know, wedding is a very pious and important affair in India, same is the case with the Khatris. All the traditional rites are being followed in their marriages.The beauty of the marriages, in this case, is that they make sure that every ritual is followed and the wedding is grand.In this article, we will guide you in understanding the procedure and rituals followed in Khatri caste.

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Pre-Wedding :

Pre-wedding functions play a vital role in setting up the mood for the final celebrations. They make an important part of Indian big fat weddings.

Sagaai :

Once the alliance has been accepted by both the families then the bride’s family visits the groom’s family with their close relatives and friends. The bride’s family brings gifts like clothes, fruits, dry fruits etc. Both the families exchange gifts and the elders of the families bless the couple-to-be. Tilak is applied on the groom’s forehead by the elders and then they decide the date for the wedding. The highlight of the ceremony is the exchange of rings between the bride and the groom.

GodhBharai :

Sagaai is followed by GodhBharai which takes place one or two days prior to the wedding. The groom’s parents and relatives pay a visit to the bride’s house with gifts for the bride. They bring with them all the jewelry and other items that they wish to present to their daughter. The mother of the groom places the items on a silver plate and places it in the lap of the bride.

Kangana :

A pujari is called in order to conduct this ritual. The priest ties a sacred thread called ‘mouli’ that is blessed by him and contains two tiny bundles of tamarind, betel nuts, and small shells. This is considered to be a very important ritual. This thread tied on the hands of the groom and the bride is considered to provide them with divine protection and they remain on their hands until the very end of the wedding rituals.

Mehendi :

Mehendi is a well-known ceremony. Every girl dreams of this function. This function is carried out by ladies and artists are called in order to make designs on the palms of the girls with the use of mehndi. This function is also held just a few days before the wedding.

SeedheHaathTanniKadai :

Popularly known as Haldi ceremony, this ceremony takes place in both the families. Parents along with the close relatives apply a mixture of turmeric, milk and mustard oil on the body of the groom and the bride. It is believed that the mixture of these ingredients increases the glow of the skin.

Chooda :

In this function after the priest conducts a puja, the maternal aunt and uncle of the bride give her a set of red bangles and a cream from their side.

Wedding :

After these pre-wedding ceremonies, commence the rituals for the wedding.

Baraat :

The groom side all dressed up in their fancy dresses come to the venue where the marriage has to take place. The groom comes on a decorated mare. He is generally dressed in a sherwani with a safa on his head and a sword in his hand. The family and friends of the groom come dancing to the venue and they are welcomed by the family members from the groom’s side.

Jaimala :

At the door, a small puja called dwaar puja is conducted in order to welcome the guests. After this the couple exchanges garlands. Then dinner is served to the guests. The wedding rites in Khatri caste start only after midnight. Close friends and family stay awake overnight in order to witness the wedding rites being performed.

Havan :

he wedding rites commence and various rituals are performed by various members of both the families. Two priests are present, one from both the sides. In front of the pious fire, the couple takes their vows and hence tied in the bond of marriage.

Kanyadaan :

The wedding rites go on for the entire night and get completed in the early morning. The father hands over her daughter to the groom as he promises that he will always protect her and keep her happy.

Post-Wedding Ritual :

The post-wedding rituals are as important as any other rites

Bari palang :

This ceremony is one of its kind. The couple is seated on the marital bed and a prayer is conducted. After that, the bride takes rice in her hands and throws it over her head. The girls standing on the back trying to catch it in their dupatta. It is lucky for those who catch it.Finally, the bride is sent to the groom’s place in the morning.

Vidaai :

It’s the most painful part of a wedding where the family of the bride bids her farewell and finally sends her off to groom’s place.A special function called BedhiLutna is a unique ritual that takes place in Khatri marriages. The children of the family steal toys and adornments.

Khatri marriages are fun to be involved in. A lot of dancing and partying takes place in the Mehendi and the wedding ceremony. You will feel enthusiastic about the celebrations even if you are not directly involved. Being Rajputs, Khatris pay immense attention to the food they serve. So everything from food to dancing is taken care of. Khatri marriages are elaborately planned and truly represent what Indian big fat wedding looks like. Belonging to Punjab, this community does everything in its own style. Strict adherence to the rituals is followed. They hold their culture in great esteem and make sure to maintain its dignity. We hope that our guide will help you to get familiar with all the aspects of a Khatri marriage.

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