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Kannada Wedding Traditions

October 31, 2017

Kannada weddings are normally 1 to 2 days events which are focussed more on traditional rituals. These simple weddings, but ones which have a number of traditional rituals which have deep meaning. Let us go through the Kannada wedding traditions.

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Nischay Tamulam :

This is like an engagement ceremony. But prior to this the horoscopes of the prospective bride and groom are matched. Only if the horoscopes predict a good future then the Nischay Tamulam ceremony is held. Here the groom’s parents will give the bride saree, coconut and sweets and the bride’s parents will gift the groom dhoti, coconut, and sweets. During this ceremony, the wedding date is fixed.

Naandi ceremony :

This pooja is held at the bride and groom’s place. A copper pot filled with water which represents nectar of life is taken and a coconut is placed on it. The first invitation is given to the family deity and pooja is performed in order to avoid any obstacles during the wedding.

Kashi Yaatre:

This is a fun event where the groom pretends to leave for Kashi yatra since no one is finding a suitable girlfor him. The maternal uncle then shows him the bride that has been selected for him and convinces him not to leave the house.

DevKarya :

On the day of the wedding, the first thing that the groom will do is visit the local temple and seeks Lord’s blessings. All the things that will be used in the wedding are placed before God. It symbolizes purification of all the objects and taking God’s blessings.

The attire :

The bride and groom wear traditional attires. Their attire may vary a bit depending on the region. But generally, the groom wears veshti, pheta, Kurata and a silk scarf. He carries a stick in his right hand after getting the stick blessed by the priest. The bride wears heavy silk saree and lots of ornaments. She will normally wear green bangles in the hand.

YoGroom’s welcome :

When the groom arrives at the wedding venue with his relatives he is welcomed by 5 married women called sumangalis. They will do arti of the groom and will welcome him.

Mandap puja :

Before starting with the wedding ritual the priest will purify the mandap where the wedding is to take place by performing the mandap puja.

Var Puja :

The bride’s father will take the groom into the wedding venue and will wash his feet and the groom’s arti is done. The bride’s father will then give the groom dhoti and pitamber. The groom has to wear these clothes for the wedding.

Jaimala :

Here the bride is brought into the mandap. Her sister will cover her face with a fan made from peacock feathers. The bride takes her seat in the mandap and a curtain is placed between the bride and the groom so that they cannot see each other. The priest will chant mantras. The curtain is then removed and the bride and the groom will exchange the garland of flowers known as jaimala 3 times.

Dhareherdu :

In This is the kanyadan ritual. The bride’s right hand is kept on the right hand of the groom. Coconut and betel leaves are placed on their hands. The bride’s parents will pour holy water on this. This ritual signifies that the bride’s parents have accepted the proposal.

Saptapadi :

A knot is tied between the groom and the bride’s dress. They are then asked to go around the holy fire seven times. Here the bride has to follow the groom. They will take the sacred wedding vows. Once the saptpadi is completed the bride and the groom will sit down such that the bride is on the left side of the groom. The groom will now tie the mangalsutra around the bride’s neck. The couple will then take the blessings of the elders of both the families.

Okhali :

This is more of a game than a ritual. Here the groom’s ring is dropped in a vessel which has milk. Now the bride has to find the ring. She has to play three rounds. If she manages to find the ring then it indicates that she will be able to surpass all challenges in her married life.

Vidaii :

The bride will say a tearful goodbye to her parents and will go to her new house. Her brother will accompany her and he will leave after dropping the bride. The bride is given several gifts by her parents which will be useful for her in her new home.

Griha Pravesh :

The groom’s mother will do arti and will welcome the bride. The bride has to knock down a pot filled with rice into the house and has to enter the house. In some families, the groom will change the name of his new bride by writing it with his ring in a plate of rice. The groom will give 5 sarees to the bride.

Going to bride’s home :

Next day the bride’s parents will take the new couple to their home where the couple has to stay for one night and then the couple will go back to their home. During their short stay, the couple is given a royal treatment and a scrumptious meal is prepared in their honor.

Reception :

A reception is given by the groom’s family so that the bride can be introduced to the relatives.

The Kannada wedding rituals have similarity to the wedding rituals of the neighboring states. These traditions are still followed strictly by Kannadigas. They make sure that each and every wedding tradition is carried out properly and no mistakes are made. They start the preparations for the wedding many days in advance so that there are no mistake or last minute problems. Kannada weddings are one of the best weddings in the country. They are simple but yet have lots of color and relatives and friends really enjoy all these traditional rituals that are performed in Kannada weddings.

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