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Just Engaged? Here Are Your Primary Wedding Planning To-Dos

September 12, 2017

Congratulations on your engagement! You must have already started wedding planning. If you are perplexed what to do and what to avoid, you must seek expert opinion. It must be just a few days or months before the D-Day. So, it’s high time you make a list of to-dos and prioritize those in order of importance. While there are some tasks that are required to be done immediately, some can wait. Here is a list of primary things that you need to do for planning a perfect wedding:

Make the Budget
The first and most important thing is to make a rough estimate of the total cost of the event. This may include your dress and accessories too. These days there are many wedding planners with whom you can consult to get the best plan of action and budget. You must fix a date for the weddingand accordingly you need to select a venue for the reception party. You also need to make a list of guests who you are planning to invite. This may not be your final list, but could give a rough estimate of the budget that you have to keep aside for the wedding.
Order the dress
Once you have thought upon or booked the venue and made the list of guests, it’s time for you to choose the design for the gown or the tuxedo (for the groom). These days people try different types of attires for the wedding. Whatever you choose to wear on your wedding day, order it well before time. You should also contact the photographers or videographers, beauticians, florist, and other services you’d need on the day. Amidst all these, do not forget to choose accommodation for the outstation guests.
Plan the honeymoon
Start to plan your honeymoon. You’d need to book airplanes or trains to the location well in advance. Moreover, you may even have to book your stay. Once these are done, you can look for important tit-bits like ordering the bridesmaid dresses, speak with the ceremony musicians, and also choose return gifts.
Choose the Jewelry
Shop for the jewelry and you must take time to match the jewelry with your attire for the wedding. You need to check whether you are choosing the right sizes and designs of accessories. This will take some time. So, you must start doing these well before the wedding day.
Check your documents. You may require renewing your passport or apply visas for your honeymoon trip. Do these well before time. If you are planning to move to a different country after marriage, make plans for your stay there. Complete all documentations and make a list of the things that you need to purchase to take along.
Send the invitations
Do not forget the wedding invitation cards. You may need to get these printed a few weeks prior to the wedding so that you get ample time to get these around to the expected guests for the wedding. You should choose a desirable design for the printed cards. Moreover, do not forget to book the wedding day transport.

All these and lot more are there to get ready for your wedding day! Take expert help to glide through all the preparations smoothly. Best Wishes!

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