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Why is it Important to Create a Friend in your Partner?

November 16, 2017
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Friendship is defined as a relation in which you like that person and his/her company. It is one of the closest relations among all other relations. Remember your childhood and college days? Friends were our life. We use to share our every sorrow and joy with them. What is sadness was not known to us? Imagine the same kind of relationship with your spouse. Wondering, is it really possible? Yes, it is possible. To have a successful marriage, one has to have a strong relationship which has care, love, affection and most importantly, where one can be yourself. And in a marriage, it is possible when you are friends with your spouse. Some people prefer to marry their best friends and some don’t. The ones who do not want to marry their best friends claim to love their partners but actually, deep inside their heart, there is a gap which stops them to share everything with their partner and be yourself. Here are few of the reasons why it is important to create a friend in your partner:

You be yourself :

When you create or find a friend with your partner, you are free to be yourself. You are out of that zone where you have to be cautious or act formally in a relation. And being yourself in a relationship is the most important factor in a lasting relationship.

Adjustment :

Every marriage requires adjustment. But the day you find a friend in your partner, the process of adjustment almost vanishes. This is because you both are aware of each other’s likes and dislikes and know what to expect and what not to and it helps in dealing with any issue arising.

Fewer disagreements :

No one can deny the fact that there are disagreements between two people. But when you know each other well and are friends then the chances of disagreements are negligible.

Being totally honest :

In friendship nothing is hidden from each other. Both share all the sorrows and joy they come across in life. You can criticize each other without misunderstanding the other partner. This way you are being totally honest in your relation.

Common interests :

Friends have many things in common. When you are friends with your partner or spouse, you can actually watch your favorite tv show and movies together without any world war happening in the house.

Forgiving each other :

Friends also hurt each other but it cannot be denied that thing puts an end to their relationship. They fight, they hurt, forgive and stay together forever. When your partner is your friend, forgiving each other doesn’t remain that tough.

Fortunately, when partners become friends, they don’t have to worry about the things happening to each other. Your love is honest and genuine and you don’t have to pretend to carry a relation. You can be yourself and give the similar space to your partner.

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