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What Is The Importance Of Wedding Stage Decoration?

December 1, 2017

Weddings have always been on the events that are celebrated in a special and extraordinary way. The bride and the groom beautifully enter the institution of marriage. Weddings carry utmost important in any Indian household of any caste or creed. It is a union of two people who vow to be each other’s better half, witnessed by their friends and families. According to the religion and caste, the ceremonies and customs differ, but the meaning remains the same holistically.

One thing that is common to every wedding is the decoration. Of all the decorations, wedding stage decoration is very important. The wedding stage is included in almost all the wedding photographs and is the second thing noticed by the guests, after the bride and the groom.

Read on to know more about the factors that play a crucial role in wedding stage decoration!


Flowers hold importance in weddings and related functions. The stage needs bright colors, lovely fragrance with something that’s soothing to the eyes, hence the flowers hold an important place in any wedding decoration.


The colors of the stage should be decided to keep in mind the time of the wedding and the outfit of the bride and groom. There are various artworks that are done with flowers. Artworks are designed in such a way that the bride and the groom’s outfit doesn’t blend with the colors of the background.


It is very important for a stage to smell well. This is only possible when flowers are chosen wisely. Non-smelling flowers should not be considered by your decorator. Ask him/her to provide you with the most smelling flowers like jasmine, which is scientifically proven to uplift the mood and the energy.

Decorative Props

Decorative props can be handy if the wedding is a theme based or there is a photo booth on the stage. Such cases rarely occur in Indian weddings, but it can add elements to the stage if chosen wisely.


Lighting is an essence of a well-decorated stage. It should not be too dim or too bright for the bride and the groom. Appropriate intensity of light can do wonders for the wedding photographs and make the environment look calm and composed, which is essential for the bride and the groom.

Nowadays, various wedding planners have come up with various schemes. Such schemes include fabric being used for the background along with photo frames. This is also a good idea since photographs give a depth to the overall stage and are cost-cutting. Fabrics again should be chosen of colors that do not blend with the newly wedded couple. The fabric should be in contrast with the outfit and chosen according to the time of the wedding.

If you are not considering any wedding planner for decorations, look up for some ideas over the internet. The internet today is flooded with different types of ideas which are suitable for almost any kind of marriage regardless of the budget. After all, weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime experience where everything should be absolutely perfect!

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