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How Well Do You Communicate?

September 5, 2017

Communication is the most important aspect that can make or break any relation. When it comes to personal relations it is much more crucial. When we are in love the communication always plays a very vital role in taking it to the next step. So, depending on how well we communicate with each other the success story of any relation relied on.

There are a set of Dos and Don’ts to make communication better in a relationship with the partner:

What to follow:

Grab the notice of your partner:

Do not make any communication general, when you are specifically talking with the partner. So, make sure his / her attention is on what you want to convey

Circumstances do matter

Certain topics are to be discussed in specific times so make sure right time, right place and right emotions are identified to communicate

Stay focused:

It’s always advised to be focused on the topic and does not get deviated if the topic is very important and the decision to be taken

Eye / Eye bond:

Eye contact is very important to convey a message to your partner this makes them understand the intensity of the message

“I” word:

This is an important word in personal communication. This word means a lot and makes another person feel that you are interested and you can understand what he/she is communicating

Repeat the words:

To make sure both have the same understanding and same decision on any topic its always suggested repeating what your partner conveys


Keep away from disrupting:

If he/she is busy with some activity do not interrupt them to talk because most of the times when we are occupied and another person communicates something there is every chance that we miss out the essence of it

Drive by Communication:

This is a big no in personal relationships because you just peep in and give some message and go out which is not sure if another person has taken it or not

Avoid Teasing your partner:

Asking a partner to keep in mind of something and remind for future discussion is not advisable because this is very ineffective

Irritation leads to failure:

Let the person speak completely his / her version, and then you can react on that. Don’t stop their sentences or you complete their sentences

Questions at the end:

Let the communication complete then you can pose questions and do not interrupt in between for questions as this might lead to deviation from the topic and move on to something else

The last word is mine:

Never compete for the last word in any communication. This is not a business deal discussion that is going on and even anyone take the lead finally it’s both lives and for both wellness so don’t have that competition to talk

Give and take is the best way for effective communication between partners, let one person speak another listen and vice versa without interruption and till will lead to great results. Patience, Energy, and Focus are three primary qualities required for making personal communication effective and lively for any discussion between partners.

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