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A Guide For Buying Bridal Accessories

November 21, 2017

So, your wedding date is set! You have finalized on the type of lehenga you want, probably even bought it. What’s next on the agenda? Accessories of course! Indian brides have the opportunity to go all out and choose the perfect bridal accessories that make them radiate beauty. Here’s a guide to buying bridal accessories:


An Indian wedding and no jewelry? Impossible. Here are the top jewelry pieces you can consider:

  • MaangTika: This is an ornament that adorns the parting in your hair with a pendant that rests on your forehead. Consider the shape of your face before getting a maangtika. The size of the maangtika should be proportional to the size of your face.
  • Nath or nose ring: Some customs call for the hoop like nath that has a chain attaching it to your hair. In other traditions, you can choose an ornate stud instead. Check out what is necessary as per your customs and pick your nath. Again, don’t buy an overly large nath for a petite face or the other way around.
  • Necklace: This is the centerpiece of your look. Choose at least two necklaces, in short, that ends just below your collarbone and another long one up to your chest. Some ambitious brides ever go for three layers, but do this only is your choli is relatively simple to avoid blinding people with your bling.
  • Earrings: Large jhumkis are the traditional go to. Experiment if you want to, but do coordinate with the rest of your jewelry.
  • Waistband: This can be a delicate chain or a solid belt as per your tastes. Pick the one that accentuates your waist.
  • Armband: Definitely get an armband that sits prettily on your upper arm. Better still if it studded with stones that stand out in contrast to your skin.
  • Bangles: Thin gold bangles, interspersed with colorful glass bangles and two chunky kadas on either end would showcase your hands.
  • Haathphool and rings: If you wish to accessorize further, rings and delicate haathphool are a must!


We can’t forget this one! Experiment with different sizes and shapes of bindis. You want to get the one that lights up your face, not one that is either too small for the naked eye to see nor one that takes up two-thirds of your forehead.


A potli that matches your lehenga is a must-have bridal accessory! Where else would you keep your tissues and compact, not to mention your phone? Make sure you have a friend around, though, as you can’t exactly hold the potli during the rituals.


Yes, you have to buy footwear for your wedding day. This is amongst the most overlooked bridal accessories. Only one thing should matter while choosing footwear for the big day – comfort. Remember you will have to stand for a long time and you really don’t want to do that in 4-inch stilettos no matter how fabulous you look in them.

Bridal accessories pull together the entire look of the bride. Make sure that you pick the ones you love as these are memories of a lifetime. Consult your friends, family and make-up artist if you feel you need more help.

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