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A Glimpse On Insight Of A True Manipuri Wedding

April 18, 2018

Attending any Wedding is such a delightful experience, but a sneak peek at a Manipuri Wedding is going to be a lifetime experience.

We have Riya with us, a Manipuri bride to give a detailed story on a true Manipuri Wedding. Manipuri Wedding is a true mixture of culture and traditions. The colourful customs of Manipur proves its name, Jewel of India.

Like any other Wedding, even Manipuri Weddings have a list of rituals.

  • Hinaba:
  • The groom’s family visit the bride’s house and their horoscopes are matched. If all goes well they agree to meet on some other fixed date.

  • Yathang Thanaga:
  • The bride’s family visits the groom’s house to show their approval for the wedding.

  • Waraipot puba :
  • To fix the wedding, finally, the groom’s family visit the girl’s house with some delicious delicacies.

    However, none of the above happened for my wedding as it was an inter-caste love marriage, says Riya.

  • Heijapot:
  • The next step is the engagement. This takes place between the families, as the bride and the groom are not allowed to meet before the wedding. The groom’s family carries delicacies, gifts, clothes, and fruits for the bride’s family. After this ritual, the priest announces the wedding dates.

    It was the most memorable day for me, as the bride is pampered to the fullest. Whatever she demands herself, the boy’s family has to fulfill. Therefore, it was a delightful experience for me, Says Riya

  • Leilanga:
  • A ritual where the bride has to prepare garlands for both, the groom and herself. This was the most wonderful moment for me, I actually got time to sit and think about my wedding.

  • Luhongba:
  • Finally, the wedding day has arrived. This ceremony is performed at the bride’s house. This is the best part because I was born and brought up in this house. The groom is greeted with a Pan and betel nut. The entire wedding rituals are performed around the Tulsi plant. Tulsi is counted as the purest and godly.

    The bride and the groom exchange garlands and the couple take seven Phera’s and few ceremonies are performed. The mother in law drapes her shawl on the newly wedded bride and then she enters the new home.

    Ask her if anything interesting happened at the wedding and she bursts to laugh. Yes, she says. My husband and I were exchanging garlands where the garland was stuck to my headgear and he started fixing it there. A Manipuri wedding is a serious affair, and the bride and groom are not supposed to laugh. However, looking at my husband each and every one started laughing. It was one hilarious moment.

  • The Attire at the Wedding:
  • The wedding attire has been such an important part of any marriage. The Manipuri’s are traditional and unique in their choice of clothes for the bride and the groom. Their attire’s are inspired from “Radha-Krishna”. It is believed that the attire the brides wear, was worn by Radha for ‘Raslella”. Manipuri’s are great worshippers of Radha-Krishna. Hence, the bride wears a beautiful Pink skirt, blouse, and a dupatta. Adorned with jewellery. The groom is all dressed in white kurta-pyjama and turban.

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