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Getting Along With Your Mother-In-Law From A Man Perspective

September 5, 2017

It is very well said that marriage changes your life. Numerous relations are born with it. And not only the bride but also the groom has to maintain every relation and it’s not that easy too. But yes, the groom has one sigh of relief as they do not have to live with them.

Building a strong relation with your in-laws is not considered that easy. This is the most common issue amongst the people talk about in social gatherings, family functions or whenever they get a chance to talk about. This truth cannot be denied that in-laws have a unique power to make us go crazy.

Apply the below mentioned points, to have a better relationship with your mother-in-law.

Meet and Greet each other

No doubt there is a little shyness in the beginning of every relationship. But the more you meet and greet each other, the more you will become comfortable. As your mother-in-law is the closest person to your wife, you have to try to build a healthy relationship with her. Plan out dinner or some family outing with her. This will give you more time to see her and talk to her and help you build a strong bond with her.

Be yourself 

It’s not easy to be yourself with new people but this is the reality. Be what you are but avoid being impulsive and angry. Try to ease yourself before interacting with her. This will help you to be friendlier and open with your mother-in-law.

Agree to disagree

Are you expecting your mother-in-law, who is in her late 50’s or early 60’s to change her thinking and have thinking what our generation have? Then STOP!! Because this is almost impossible. So arguing with them over some political issues or the way our generation take things is right, is pointless. Try to agree to disagree with her. Because criticizing their point is neither polite and nor it will be welcomed.

Respect their priorities

What if in place of your mother-in-law it was your mother? How would you want your wife to take up things? Surely you would expect her to respect your mother’s priorities not only this is what your mother wants but because it will bring peace and ease their relation. Similar is what you have to do. If going out for a dinner or seeing their grandchildren is what makes them happy, then there is no harm in doing that. After all it will help you both to understand each other and bring you closer. At the end what does our elders expect? Just respect and love.

Stay positive

She is not just your mother-in-law but also your wife’s mother and your child’s grandmother. Look out for ways to be grateful to her. Everyone has some good qualities in them too. Try to look out for them. It will help you to stay positive.

Be kind

She is your mother-in-law that means she has a lot of life’s bitter and sweet experiences. Be kind to her. The way she reacts or behaves must not be the exact person she is. Life must have made her so. Try to understand from her point of view and stay calm. Take out sometime to ask her about her life experience. Make her realise that you need her advice because with more experiences comes better advice. Understand her fears that will help you to be in a better position to reassure her.

Offer gifts

Offer her some gifts without any special occasion. Let her know that she owns a place in your life. Offering a gift will show your care and love affection towards her. Whether they are our parents or in laws, they only expect love, respect and care. If they start feeling that they own a place in your life, trust, life will become easier.

Surely these points doesn’t help you to deal with a difficult mother-in-law but will definitely help you to behave yourself. Because at the end you can only change yourself and not the other person. Always remember she might be your mother-in-law or your child’s grandmother but she is also a mother.

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