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Floral Decoration In Indian Marriages

January 8, 2018

Flowers are an important part of any festival or ritual in India. Even when it comes to Indian marriages flowers play an important role. Flowers are not only used in the rituals during the marriage, but they are also part of the decorations. Here are lists of different floral decorations that you will get to see in marriages in India.

Flowers adorning the main pandal

It is customary in Indian marriages to have the main wedding pandal, where the marriage is solemnized to be made from fresh flowers. Normally lilies and other flowers are used here.

Flowers at the entrance of the venue

One more way of using flowers in the decoration is by decorating the entrance of the venue with flowers. These days rangoli made from flowers adorns the main entrance area. Also, huge garlands made of fresh flowers are used in decorating the entire guests’ area.

Decorating the reception stage with flowers

The reception stage is also decorated with flowers in Indian marriages. The background normally has names of the bride and the groom written in flowers. Other designs like hearts or any other floral design are used to decorate the background of the reception stage.

Groom’s welcome with flowers

Welcoming the groom of the wedding venue is very important. In many Indian marriages, flowers are used to decorate the path where the groom will walk and enter into the main wedding hall. Petals of roses and other flowers are normally used for this purpose. Similarly, when the bride goes to her new home she is welcomed with flowers.

The car decoration

The car in which the bride and the groom will go to their new homes is also decorated with flowers. Different patterns are made with the flowers like orchids, roses, lilies etc.

Salient tips for floral decoration

Since flowers are an integral part of Indian marriages, they will surely be a part of the decoration. But one of the most important things that you must do is select the right type of flowers that you want for the decoration. But before you finalize the flowers you need to know your budget. Depending on the budget you can decide whether you will go for the ordinary ones or opt for exotic varieties. If budget is not a constraint then you can decorate the entire venue with drapes made of flowers. Even the chandeliers etc. can be decorated with flowers. It is also important that you make sure that the wedding decorator gives you good quality flowers which are fresh.

Flowers are very important for any marriage. They are one of the best ways to make sure that you have a marriage hall, which is gleaming with beauty and fragrance; they add an effervescent background to the entire venue and to the entire occasion. All you need to be sure of is your budget and the right colour scheme and type of flowers for decoration.

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