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Everything you need to know About a Rajasthani Royal Wedding

November 27, 2017

India is a land of cultural diversity and heritage where occasions like weddings, are given the utmost importance. Weddings have been the most important phase of any woman’s life is it today or 50 years back. Everyone wants the best of everything for their wedding day and one of them is a destination wedding in Rajasthan. There is nothing like a destination wedding in the state of kings and kingdoms. The venue and decorations add more to the charm of the wedding. No couple would ever say a no to a wedding like Mughals where grand feasting, wonderful decorations are witnessed.
Rajasthan is one of the most chosen places for destination weddings because of the historic love stories associated with it along with wonderful architecture. Even though a destination wedding might increase the overall budget since a lot of factors are taken into consideration, but the memories created there are for the lifetime.

Gone are the days when weddings were a close family affair. Nowadays the couples with their family thrive to achieve that X-Factor for their weddings, making it a special day for their entire life. Families hire wedding planners to plan the entire wedding since it is difficult for the family members to keep a track of things in an unknown city. Also, the wedding planners are well versed with the latest and sophisticated decoration. Usually, the heritage weddings are popular amongst NRI’s, industrialists and Hollywood celebrities. Bollywood celebrities still prefer to keep the wedding a low key event due to high media involvement.


Major cities chosen for destination wedding are Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Jaipur, and Pushkar. There is a number of havelis and fort where weddings can take place. Nowadays, major luxury resorts have also opened up for weddings that add the modernity to the historic ambiance of Rajasthan.


The decorations are done in such a way that the royal air is maintained as well. Traditional methods of decoration like flowers, mirror work decors of bright colors are the main key players.

Outfit of the couple

If the wedding is to be done in a royal way, the outfit of the couple should match that as well. The jewelry of the bride along with her lehenga should give a royal look, just like that of the Maharani of older times.


A destination wedding includes a very well planned guest list. Usually, only family members, relatives, and close friends are invited due to the exorbitant budget. After the wedding, a small reception is arranged where colleagues, neighbors, distant relatives etc are invited to bless the couple.


The food in such weddings should include more of traditional Indian food and less of international cuisines. This adds more authenticity to the wedding holistically.


Ditch the usual DJ for a royal wedding! Instead, ask the local dancers and musicians to perform on authentic Rajasthani folk music. It would be way better than the Bollywood songs.

Nowadays, resorts have planned their architecture in such a way that it brings the heritage of Rajasthan and modern chic lifestyle together.

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