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The Essentials Of Marathi Wedding!

November 1, 2017
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If you are a soon to be Marathi bride or groom reading this, here is a short summary as to what you should expect during the course of your wedding.

A marriage has been the forever promise to be with one another in times of happiness and turbulence. It is a togetherness bonded with trust. It is a pledge to love each other. And, witnessing all of these are the traditions and ritual. Each of these has a beautiful implication./vc_column_text]vc_empty_space height=”25px”]dt_vc_list]


If your relatives are already aware of your wedding as of now, it is highly probable that the first step of wedding ceremony has already taken place-the Sakharpuda. For others, Sakharpuda means sugar packet. It is like an engagement wherein, the families exchange sweets epitomizing the fixation of marriage. Rings are exchanged too.


Not every ritual is attended by both the bride and groom together. Yes! Even when you wish it was so.
In Marathi wedding, kelvan is a big gathering kept by the families of the soon to be bride and groom at their respective homes. All the close relatives are invited for this ceremony.

Haldi ceremony

You must have witnessed this ceremony in Bollywood movies, serials and of friends and relatives. The turmeric is grounded to make a paste. It is then applied to the skin of the bride with mango leaves. The same ritual takes place at grooms’ abode. If you both are residing in the same city or if it is permissible the ritual also involves the leftover haldi of the groom to be applied to the bride.

Open and Honest Feelings :

The happy couples avoid to hide things from each other. They believe in sharing every secret or it is correct to say that they keep no secrets. Their relation is bonded by love and trust is the basis of their relationship.

Ganesha Puja

In Marathi wedding, Lord Ganesha is considered the Vighnaharta and hence, prayers are arranged from both the sides to seek to bless him.
And, now it is the time for the groom to get ready and embark on the journey to his bride.

Seemant pooja

Seemant means boundary. For all you soon-to-be-grooms, this ceremony is so designed to make you feel like a prince. During this ceremony when the groom enters the wedding venue, his feet are washed and he receives gifts from the in-law’s side. The mother of the bride (you are soon to be a mother in law) also does aarti.

Gowrihar Pooja

This pooja is done by the bride. You as a bride are required to drape yourself in a yellow saree. This saree is usually given to you be your maternal uncle. You are also required to deck up with all the jewelry for this auspicious pooja. The blessings of Goddess Parvati are sought during this pooja.
So, now both the bride and the groom are ready to take the final step of Lagna which will bind them for forever. But, not before donning the traditional jewelry and clothes!

Antarpat rituals

You would definitely want to steal a glance or two of your bride or your groom. Hard luck till the rituals is done. Indeed, in a Marathi wedding, a silk shawl is placed between the couple when they sit in the mandap. You as the soon-to-be-couple can only see each other once, the mantras have been said.
For you, the beautiful bride, you will be escorted to the Lagna mandap by your maternal uncle. The shawl still persists.

Then both of you are required to chant Marathi and Sanskrit mantras called mangalshtakas with the guidance of the priest. When you have said the mantras it implies your official bond. This is when the antarpat is lifted. The guests, which comprise your family members, relatives and friends throw rice or Akshat upon the now newly-wedded-couple. You as a couple will then exchange floral garlands which are also known as Jai mala.

Kankan bandhana

In Marathi wedding, this ceremony is taken care of by the brother of the bride or all the male members from the bride’s side. They draw a cotton thread around you, the couple. The thought process behind this ritual is that it wards off evil spirit. In this ritual, the 4 male members from the bride’s side form four corners. Then they pass the thread encircling the couple. This is then followed by the priest taking the thread and tying it with a dry turmeric root.


For all you beautiful brides, out there, this moment you will hold in your memory forever. Your father will give your hand to your husband, who will then tie a mangalsutra around your neck. This is followed by him applying vermilion to the hair parting on your forehead. Thus, called maang bharna.
There is something for you too, groom, the bride is required to apply a sandalwood tikka on your forehead.


The 7 pheras are of immense significance to every Hindu marriage. The pheras take place around the wedding Agni or fire. And, it is lit by the brother of the bride. This means that the brother is supporting the marriage of his sister. Each phera is associated with a vow. Hence, make sure when you are taking the pheras keep a close ear on what Panditji is reciting. In most families, the pheras involves chanting in Sanskrit or Marathi and its translation in Hindi. It will add to the entire wedding experience.
While the groom is simply required to take the pheras along with the bride, the lovely bride also has to touch seven beetle nuts by her right foot. This is pursued holy blessings.


it is also known as Bidai. In Marathi wedding here, the bride, bids goodbye to her family and leaves her mayaka with the groom. It is definitely the most emotional of all the rituals. And, if you are the bride reading this, there are bound to be torn in your eyes. For all soon-to-be-groom do not ever obliterate this special ceremony from your memory. A girl has left her home to be with you forever. Love her and treat her like a princess!


Let happiness is with you the newlywed couple when you enter your new home together as a couple. Here the couple is welcomed with an Aarti. In order to bring luck and prosperity to the home, she is also required to knock over a vessel filled with rice at the doorstep.

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