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Essential Documents You Need For a Marriage Certificate

December 1, 2017

The marriage certificate is a very important document which you will need for different purposes to prove your marriage legal. The marriage certificate has been made compulsory by the Indian government to fight issues like child marriages, forced marriages and to provide women their rights in marriages. To get your marriage registered, you will have to submit a list of documents which are requested from the registrar. After the verification of the documents, you will be granted the wedding certificate.

Thus, here is the list of essential documents you will need for marriage certificate:

  • Application for marriage registration filled with all the details and signed by both husband and wife
  • You will have to pay fees of Rs 100 for registering the marriage. With this, you will get an acknowledgment slip which you need to carry to the registrar’s office
  • Adhaar card of the bride and groom and if the card has not yet arrived, the Adhaar enrolment number will be required.
  • Identity proofs of both the parties like Passport/PAN/Driving license
  • Birth certificates of the husband and wife
  • Permanent residence proof of both the parties like Voter-id, Driving license etc
  • Affidavit of husband and wife which issued by a notary public on a 10 rs stamp paper with details of marriage as follows:
    • The date on which, marriage was held.
    • Age and marital status at the time of the wedding.
    • Confirmation that both the parties are not related as per the prohibited degree of Hindu Marriage Act.
    • Citizenship of both the parties.
    • Religions of both the parties.
  • Pictures of wedding invitation or card if available
  • 2 Passport sized pictures of both the parties.
  • Two pictures of both the parties taken during the wedding ceremony and pasted on a plain paper along with the signature of any official of central/state governments whose identity can be recognized. Also, a person having Adhaar or PAN can sign.
  • In case of divorcee, the copy of divorce paper. In case of death of the spouse, the death certificate is needed.
  • The certificate from the priest or minister if the marriage has been arranged at a religious place with ceremonies.
  • If a person is a foreign citizen, a letter from the concerned embassy regarding the marital status of the husband/wife
  • For registration under Hindu marriage, conversion letter from the minister if any of the parties belong to other religions.
  • The identity proof of the witness who has to report to the registrar’s office on the appointed date which is attested by the government/state official or any person having an Adhaar card or PAN.
  • All the documents must be self-attested.

These are the compulsory documents of both the parties along with the witnesses which are required for registering the marriage. On the day of the appointment, these documents need to be carried in order to get them verified and if the documents are complete, the marriage certificate gets issued on the same day.

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