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10 Amazing DIY ideas for Wedding flower Decoration

December 12, 2017

Wedding decoration has always been important but the new trends of wedding flowers are just very innovative. Therefore, choose and design the wedding flowers in your own way with the help of these easy tips and give new look to the wedding ceremony. Wedding the season is beautiful and it gets most special for the couples to be. Every person tries to make best of the arrangements for the wedding day. Everything from costumes, food, venue, decors etc has to be unique.

The Best Flowering Ideas

It is not necessary to put a centerpiece. You can make it exceptional with your own DIY ways. Here are some ideas for wedding flowers that can enhance the beauty of your surroundings:

Design Idea

It is very important to have the idea of the design of flower you would like to put. You can also put serious efforts into seeing how to put up the bouquet.

Match Theme

Always chose the flowers that go with the mood and the other décor pieces, you can decide upon the color of the flowers according to the color of the surroundings.

Just Go By Your Heart

For the best of wedding flower design ideas, you should avoid being too technical and chose the flowers that you like the best, you must pick the design inspiration from those flowers and then put them together.

Floral Supplies

You must ensure that you have all the floral supplies in advance like the floral scissors, floral tape, pins, and wires. All these things are easily available in the market but if you fail to buy something then simply book it online.

Flower Vase

You can pick up the vase according to the concept that you plan for the decoration with the wedding flowers. A large variety of vase in different shapes and sizes are easily available, you should pick something that goes well with your flowers.

Safe Delivery

This needs no explanation that flowers are very delicate and therefore you must ensure that the wedding flowers are supplied to you safely and they do not get damaged during delivery.

Help Needed

While arranging the flowers in a bouquet you will certainly need some help so the other person can help you with the supplies while you are arranging the flowers.


You will have to work with the proper timeline as flowers are a perishable item and may dry if prepared well in advance. The centerpieces with the wedding flowers should be prepared around two days before and the bouquet just a day before the wedding.

Special Care

You have to take special care of the wedding flowers and keep them moist all the time so that does not look dry. Do remember not to refrigerate your flowers under all circumstances.

Good Transportation

You must have good transportation to supply all the goods to the venue so that neither the flowers nor the vase should get damage during the process.

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