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How Do You Differentiate A Healthy Relationship From An Unhealthy One?

October 31, 2017

A healthy relationship is just very natural and demands nothing but sincerity, love, and care. Many couples fail to understand whether they are in a healthy relationship or not, but it is extremely important to know whether the person with whom you intend to spend the whole life is in love with you or not. Here are few tips to tell you whether you are in a healthy relationshipor not.

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Accepting or confronting :

You must be watchful and see whether your present partner or your potential partner is ready to accept you with your present state and would not keep nagging you for something or the other. A person who is genuinely in love will not force his or her thoughts upon you and would rather appreciate you.

Exposure or Overly Possessive :

Sometimes people get possessive and go up to the extent to ruin your privacy. You should be careful with such people who are not caring but just overly possessive and can simply take away your mental peace. Such a person can never make a healthy relationship but would just give a troublesome life.

Revenge or Restoration :

Arguments over trivial issues is a common thing between the couples, this also gives you an opportunity to reconcile, and it sometimes gives you lifetime memories to cheer. A relationship is unhealthy if your partner is vengeful and does not care about your feelings. This may also go to the extent where rejection, blaming, and oppression start.

Support System or Vice-Versa :

You can keep a watch whether your partner is a support system for you or is simply pulling you down for everything. In a healthy relationship, the two people stand in support for each other and encourage them in their respective lives.

Shared Dreams or Self-Centered :

Some people just abstain from sharing. It is also possible that they will be hiding some dark truths about themselves. In a true and healthy relationship, people do not hide things; instead, they share dreams and plan future together. They stand by each other in the moments of happiness as well as grief and become each other’s strength.

Mocking or Praising :

In a healthy relationship couples complement each other and not just make fun or try to humiliate the other person. A healthy relationship is about respecting each other and being protective and loving.

Victim or a Liberal Bird :

f you feel like a victim in a relationship then it is certainly an unhealthy relationship. A healthy relationship is about liberation and trust where the two people have complete faith in each other, trust, and maintain trust.

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