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Different Types of Wedding Transportation

December 13, 2017

Weddings are joyous occasions and they get better when all your guests reach the destination on time. You can ensure this by arranging for transportation for the couple to be married as well as the guests well in advance. In India, the wedding is a 2-3 day event with changing venues depending on the number of members who are supposed to be present on the occasion. So, adequate and prompt transportation services should be a part of the wedding plan.

Arranging For Wedding Transportation

Arranging for Wedding Transportation for the bride or the groom is as importantas making arrangements for the guests to get to the destination. With destination weddings and theme based weddings being the order of the day, it is important to make suitable transportation arrangements to make it convenient for your esteemed guests to attend the wedding and also avoid getting stressed up on the d- day.

Wedding transportation for the groom

The Wedding Transportation of the bride and the groom must not only be special but also highly decorated to make it look classy and elegant. Sometimes, it might even include arranging for transportation of the groom from his place to the destination and then one from the destination to the marriage hall, hotel or an open ground where the marriage is being held. The most common Wedding Transportation for the bride and groom include
1.Luxury cars like Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi
2.Vintage cars
3.Horse driven carriage
Some novel and unconventional ideas include
5.Private jets
8.Boats and yachts
10.Back of a decorated elephant
11.A cycle rickshaw
Wedding transportation for the brides is usually highly decorated luxury cars.

Transportation for the guests

This again involves getting your guest list as well as the number of guests requiring transportation ready in advance. Also, check the place from where your guests would need transportation. Whether it is the railway station or the airport etc, it should be clarified to set plans.

Fleet of similar cars

A fleet of luxury or comfy cars of the same type of decor would be an ideal wedding transportation mode to get the guests to the venue, back to their hotel and back to the airport or railway station after the wedding. Though it can be used to transport only 4-5 people at a time, it would still be ideal when you have to arrange for pick up vehicles for guests from the airport as well as the railway station. It will also serve the purpose when the guests are being accommodated at two different places.

Luxury Coaches

This can be used if the transportation needs are limited to just a group of guests from the same place who are also to be dropped at the same place. The luxury coaches can accommodate about 15-20 people with comfortable seating.


This can be used if you wish to travel to a wedding party to the venue. It can accommodate up to 70-80 people. The luxury seating and audio and video facilities, as well as air conditioners, ensure the travel is smooth and comfortable.

Double-Decker Coaches

They are ideal to accommodate large groups. They are comfortable to ride in and at the same time double up the joy of the wedding because it gives an opportunity to traveltogether.

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