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Different Types of Skin Care Tips For A Groom

December 21, 2017

Skincare and grooming is no longer a bride’s province! Grooms nowadays no longer just take a shower, use a deodorant and get ready for the wedding. There are now so many options for groom’s skin care, thanks to the surge brought in by so many celebrities, cricketers and brands. A well groomed groom today stands out of the comparison to a regular groom who has not taken care of his skin in his pre-wedding days.

Looking perfect on the wedding day has to be on the top of the checklist since this marks the beginning of a new phase of life. Hence, apart from choosing the right outfit, right shoes and right turban, it is essential to follow a good skin care regime according to the skin type.

Skincare routine for grooms:

Invest in a good face cleanser

Men have a tendency to wash their face with water and plain soap. What they don’t realise is that the soap acts up on the skin, giving it a more rough and edgy look which isn’t right for the wedding. As soon as the groom gets engaged, it is very essential to wash the face sans soap, and use a good face wash or a cleanser for a smoother skin.

Drink Water

Once the wedding is finalised, it is time to drink lots and lots of water. Water is a natural detoxifier for the skin and helps the skin get that perfect glow for the wedding. Apart from this, drinking plenty of water keeps one hydrated and well maintained for the day!

Pedicure and Manicure

Pedicures and manicures are the mandatory players in any skincare routine. When it’s the call for the wedding, one wouldn’t want the guests to see the rough and dry feet. It is very essential for the groom to regularly go for foot spa or pedicure and manicure that improves the skin of the feet. This wouldn’t make the groom feel embarrassed on the wedding day!

Use a sunscreen

An important part of the skin care routine is to regularly use a sunscreen or a moisturizer. No matter how much water one drink or how many times the face is washed with a good cleanser, everything will fail if a good quality moisturizer is not used. The moisturizer hydrates the skin and prevents the common breakout due to change in lifestyle and stress that a groom goes through the wedding festival.


Many would not believe, but diet plays a crucial role in skincare regime. Avoiding junk food and eating healthy food not only helps in toning the body, but also keeps the skin glowing and gives a healthy look over all.

Advanced skin treatment

If the wedding day is too soon to bring a change in the lifestyle for skin care, it is best to go for advanced skin treatment. Chemical peels, laser treatments, skin rejuvenation are a few options that can be opted by the groom for a skin that’s healthy looking, glowing and breakouts free.

With your skin, hair and shave all looking their best, it’s rather easy to be a well-groomed groom.

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